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Apple’s iOS 17 may have some crowd-pleasers.

Apple's iOS 17

iOS 17, the iPhone’s next operating system, coming later this year, wouldn’t have big upgrades. However, new reports say the plan has changed.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg predicts iOS 17 will “check off several of customers’ most sought features.” After iOS 16’s flashy upgrades like editing or undoing messages, a new lock screen with live updates, and batch photo editing, iOS 17 was intended to fine-tune existing functionality and repair problems to avoid a repeat of iOS’s disastrous debut.

Gurman continued that strategy has evolved. Apple is adding additional “nice to have” features to satisfy demand. iOS 17 (codenamed “Dawn”) features are unknown. However, Apple fans are vocal about their desires.

Volume control for alarms and FaceTime, multiple timers, and sideloading programs outside the App Store are requested features. As Apple announced Voice Isolation for regular calls, we may expect more call quality enhancements and features.

ChatGPT’s prominence as an AI assistant has everyone wondering if Siri will get a much-needed update.

Apple’s June Worldwide Developers Conference will unveil iOS 17. (WWDC). Keep wishing for iOS 17.

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