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Social Media Crisis Social Media Crisis

Social Media

Social Media Crisis Response Strategy for Your Brand   “Is your brand ready to face the storm of social media crises? Learn how to...

Doctor Will Skype You Doctor Will Skype You


The Doctor Will Skype You Now: Growth of Online Doctor Visits      “Step into the future of healthcare. The doctor will Skype you now!”...

Micro-Influencers Micro-Influencers


Micro-Influencers for Genuine Promotional Impact   “Ditch generic ads for authentic brand connections with micro-influencers.”   Key Takeaways: Authenticity Reigns: Authenticity is crucial in...

App Store App Store


Apple’s App Store Transparency Report Reveals Over 1.6 Million Rejected Submissions in 2022 In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile applications, the App Store stands...

TikTok Ads.. TikTok Ads..


TikTok Ads Visualise a world where imagination rules, where trends spread like wildfire, and where people connect with each other by being themselves. Welcome...

Photo: The Verge Photo: The Verge

Social Media

The EU targets Musk’s X in its first illegal content probe. It is the European Union’s first investigation under the Digital Services Act (DSA)....