The new Acer Swift 7 is 8.98mm thin. Yes, you heard that correctly, this device is less than a centimeter thick. Some of them even offer a 14-inch screen, where the device’s short height can be truly appreciated. The device is also substantially thinner than other laptops, mainly models like HP and other Acers.

However, its size isn’t the only thing that the device has going for it. The laptop manages to include a fully functional HD display despite of its physical limitations and, on top of that, a touchscreen feature. Many laptops that try to shoot for a thin set of hardware cannot include these two features, and to find both is an impressive plus for it.

A feature that I do not know if people will respond to is its touch-pad. Due to the thinness of the device, the pad doesn’t click down and is almost identical to the rest of the laptop. While this will not get on the way of clicking, it still will require customers to get used to it.

The device is also quite fast, using Core i7 CPU and operating with much more ease than your average laptop. It has also improved on the style department, with a white and gold color pallet that looks elegant, complementing the thin aesthetic of the laptop. Its battery life is also quite impressive, reaching 9 hours and 41 minutes while running several programs at once.

Overall, this is certainly a laptop to look out for. Even though it can be quite pricey, reaching 1,699$ in value, it is definitely a justifiable price when considering all of the features it offers. Its ambition pays off and offers a laptop experience that is excellent and way above the average device.

Featured image via Flickr/Andri Koolme

  • Alyssa

    Sounds like a nice laptop, but a bit of a hefty price