I’ll be the first one to say that Call of Duty is a franchise that gets a lot of undeserved hate from gamers all across the world. In fact, some people have chosen to ignore the progress the franchise has made since Black Ops II, probably because it was followed by Ghosts, easily the worst game in the franchise. But games like BO II, WWII, and especially Advanced Warfare have shown that the franchise is still willing and capable of changing and experimenting with new concepts. Yes, this is the franchise that created the now standard and done-to-death FPS formula for games in the 7th and 8th generation of gaming, but that doesn’t mean its only accomplishment is that one.

The new trailer for Black Ops 4 (PC) has just dropped and if there is anything developer Treyarch wants to highlight from it, is the fact that BO 4 will offer an experience specifically adapted for PC gamers. This is done to such a point that console players, like myself, might feel a bit alienated by the ambitious graphics and frenetic fast-paced action it promises. This trailer, and others that have been dropped about this upcoming came, present the usual immediate and in-the-moment style the Black Ops series has adopted so far, with some of the locations displayed feeling almost claustrophobic for a COD game.

If I were to state only one concern, it’d be the fact that this might be the game where the franchise stops evolving and starts conforming. While the Zombies trailers have been really entertaining and fun, the multiplayer feels a bit familiar, especially coming off of BO III, where several additions to the gameplay style were made. Hopefully, my concerns stay as just concerns and the franchise will deliver another awesome game.

You can watch the PC trailer down below.

Featured image via Flickr/steamXO