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Urban Riders’ Top 15 Electric Skateboards

Image credit: Evening Standard


Electric skateboards have come to be an increasing number of famous, specifically in city regions in which humans place an excessive emphasis on green and inexperienced modes of mobility. Electric skateboards are a useful way for city dwellers to reduce down on their reliance on cars and public transportation for brief travels. Making the correct electric powered skateboard purchase is important to a easy, regular, and amusing adventure.


Electric skateboards are wonderful for commuting in towns.

In addition to being a groovy toy, electric powered skateboards are a practical alternative for more traditional styles of transportation. They offer a green transportation choice that lowers carbon emissions. Electric skateboards are far less pricey to carry out and keep than automobiles and motorcycles, saving a whole lot of cash on fuel and protection. Furthermore, the usage of an electric powered skateboard can decorate your health via encouraging bodily interest and boosting your mobility, as a way to make it less tough if you want to get around congested areas.


Important Things to Take Into Account While Selecting an Electric Skateboard

To make certain your preferred electric powered powered skateboard fulfills your desires for city tour, do not forget the following critical capabilities:

Range and Life of Batteries

Range and battery lifestyles are vital elements. Longer commutes are appropriate because an extended battery lifestyle means you could pass farther among expenses. For most comfort, search for skateboards with a minimal variety of ten to 15 kilometers.

Speed and Power of the Motor

The best pace of the skateboard and the power of the engine are also crucial. A higher pinnacle velocity helps expedite your adventure, even as a higher motor power enables faster acceleration and the potential to negotiate inclines. Make advantageous the fee, although, complies with close by safety legal guidelines.

Portability and Weighing

For town riders who might probably want to keep their skateboard while not in use, portability is important. Models which may be foldable and light-weight are high-quality for visiting around houses or on public transportation.

Deck Material and Sturdiness

The skateboard’s durability and driving quality are influenced with the aid of the deck material. Because of their strength and versatility, bamboo and carbon fiber are popular alternatives due to the fact they provide a strong and snug experience.

Wheels and Comfort of the Ride

Ride balance and comfort are stricken by the dimensions and kind of wheels. Larger, softer wheels offer a smoother revel in on choppy city terrain by way of better absorbing shocks. Make certain the wheels are appropriate for the kind of surfaces you’ll be riding on a each day basis.

Features of Safety

Reliable brakes, lighting, and reflective materials are examples of safety devices that decorate visibility and manipulate and make your journey more secure, particularly in low light.


The Top 15 Urban Skateboards with Electric Skates

1. Boosted Stealth

Image credit: Snowboard Shop

Key Features: A pinnacle elegance electric powered skateboard famed for its first rate overall performance and robustness is the Boosted Stealth. It has a sturdy 2100W motor, a 14-mile variety, and a top pace of 24 mph. Because the deck consists of composite materials, it’s miles each bendy and robust.

Advantages and drawbacks:

  • Advantages: Excellent creation, amazing, seamless braking and acceleration, and a fast top pace.
  • Cons: More pricey and weighty than a few rival products.


2. Meepo NLS Pro 

Image credit: Electric Skateboard

Overview and Key Features: Due to its overall performance and rate, the Meepo NLS Pro is a properly-preferred preference. It has a 20-mile range, a 1000W motor, and a top pace of 32 mph. Fiberglass and bamboo combine to create a flexible and robust deck.

Advantages and downsides:

  • Pros: High tempo, lengthy variety, and tremendous price for the cash.
  • Cons: Less easy at slower speeds and a piece heavier.


3. Evolve Bamboo GTR 

Image credit: Evolve Skateboard

Overview and salient traits: The Evolve Bamboo GTR blends cutting-edge technology with traditional bamboo layout. It has  3000W cars, a 31-mile variety, and a 26 mph top tempo. The fiberglass and bamboo deck guarantees incredible sturdiness and a cushty journey.

Advantages and drawbacks:

  • Pros: Excellent introduction, sturdy automobiles, long variety.
  • Cons: Pricey and a tad heavier than everyday.


4. Backfire G2

Image credit: Longboard Living

Overview and Key Features of the Backfire G2: The Backfire G2 is famed for its normal overall performance and affordability. It has an 11-mile range, a top tempo of 24 mph, and a 400W hub motor. The deck made of maple offers durability and stability.

Advantages and drawbacks:

  • Positives: light-weight, affordable performance, and cheap.
  • Cons: Less energy and a shorter variety than extra high-priced ones.


5. Exway Flex

Image credit: Exway

Overview and Key Features of the Exway Flex: The Exway Flex is an adaptable electric skateboard that can be used for plenty of riding strategies. It has a 20-mile variety, a top tempo of 25 mph, and a 1500W motor. Because the deck is crafted from fiberglass and bamboo composite, power and versatility are confident.

Advantages and downsides:

  • Positives: Excellent variety, top fee construct, clean journey.
  • Cons: Slightly heavier, mid-range fee.


6. Teamgee H20T 

Image credit: Teamgee Skateboard

Overview and Key Features: Riders looking for performance and comfort can also bear in mind the Teamgee H20T. It has  600W automobiles, a 22-mile variety, and a 26 mph maximum tempo. Fiberglass and Canadian maple integrate to create a deck that gives a strong and comfortable experience.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Benefits: prolonged range, sturdy automobiles, and a snug experience.
  • Cons: More high-priced and heavier.


7. WowGo 3 

Image credit: WowGo Board

Overview and Key Features: A less expensive and dependable electric powered skateboard is the WowGo 3. It has a 14-mile range, a top speed of 24 mph, and a 600W motor. The fiberglass and bamboo deck offers power and flexibility.

Advantages and drawbacks:

  • Benefits: Reasonably priced, powerful, adaptable deck.
  • Cons: Less power and a moderate variety.


8. Ownboard W2

Image credit: Ownboard

Overview and Key Features: The Onboard W2 is famed for its smooth journey and robust overall performance. It has  750W motors, a 14-mile variety, and a top pace of 28 mph. The fiberglass and bamboo deck provide a snug revel in.

Advantages and downsides:

  • Advantages: Strong vehicles, snug ride, adaptable deck.
  • Cons: Moderate range, mid-variety rate.


9. Verreal RS

Image credit: Verreal Board

Overview and Key Features of the Verreal RS: The Verreal RS offers terrific performance and fee. It has  1200W motors, a 22-mile variety, and a pinnacle pace of 27 mph. Fiberglass and Canadian maple are used to make the deck, making sure its comfort and durability.

Advantages and drawbacks:

  • Advantages: strong vehicles, extended range, and low price.
  • Cons: The assembly is heavier and pretty a good deal less stylish.


10. RazorX DLX 

Image credit: 9to5toys

Overview and salient characteristics: A much less luxurious, amateur-best desire is the RazorX DLX. It has a 150W motor, a 7-mile range, and a maximum speed of 12 mph. Made of maple, the deck offers a stable ride.

Advantages and downsides:

  • Advantages: Reasonably priced, transportable, suitable for beginners.
  • Cons: Lower power, confined speed and range.


11. Skatebolt Tornado II 

Image credit: Skatebolt

Overview and Key Features: Performance and prolonged-distance use are the 2 fundamental format dreams of the Skatebolt Tornado II. It has  500W motors, a 24-mile variety, and a 26 mph maximum pace. The northeast maple deck, with eight layers, offers durability and stability.

Advantages and drawbacks:

  • Advantages: Stable deck, strong cars, lengthy variety.
  • Cons: Mid-range, heavier fee component.


12. Kyng Electric Skateboard 

Image credit: Apsuboard

Overview and Key Features: This pretty priced skateboard gives first rate normal performance. It has a ten-mile range, a 350W motor, and a maximum tempo of 15 mph. An organization and steady journey is confident by means of the seven-ply maple deck.

Advantages and drawbacks:

  • Pros: Reasonably priced, transportable, and customer-satisfaction.
  • Cons: Lower power, constrained speed and variety.


13. Swagtron Swagskate NG3

Image credit: Electron Motion

Overview and salient tendencies of Swagtron Swagskate NG3: The Swagtron Swagskate NG3 is the best preference for beginners and greater younger riders. It has a six-mile range, a pinnacle speed of 9.3 mph, and a 100W motor. The deck made of polypropylene is strong and bendy.

Advantages and downsides:

  • Advantages: Reasonably priced, portable, appropriate for beginners.
  • Cons: Lower electricity and a completely constrained pace and variety.


14. Hiboy S11 

Image credit: Hiboy

Overview and Key Features: Ideal for brief metropolis commutes, the Hiboy S11 is a lightweight and small opportunity. It has a 350W motor, a 9-mile range, and a maximum speed of 12.Four mph. The seven-layer maple deck gives consolation and stability.

Advantages and drawbacks:

  • Advantages: Affordable, mild-weight, and portable.
  • Cons: Lower energy, confined pace and range.


15. Maxfind Max 4 Pro

Image credit: Maxfind

Overview and salient functions of the Maxfind Max 4 Pro: The Maxfind Max four Pro is famed for its powerful performance and extended variety. It has  750W motors, a 17-mile range, and a 25 mph maximum pace. The 8-layered bendy composite deck ensures a chilled trip.

Advantages and downsides:

  • Benefits: Smooth using, lengthy range, strong automobiles.
  • Cons: Slightly heavier, mid-range charge.


FAQs Regarding Electric Skates

Q: How far can an electric skateboard typically travel?

A: Depending on the model and battery capacity, an electric skateboard’s average range can vary from 10 to 20 miles on a single charge. Top-tier models have ranges of at least thirty miles.

Q: What is the duration required for charging an electric skateboard?

A: Depending on the battery type and capacity, different charging times apply. An electric skateboard requires two to five hours to fully charge on average. Fast-charging capabilities on certain models can drastically cut down on this time.

Q: Electric skateboards: are they watertight?

A: Waterproof electric skateboards are not the norm. It is normally advised to avoid riding in rainy weather to prevent damage to the electronics and motor, even if certain models have water-resistant features. For information on water resistance ratings, always consult the manufacturer’s specifications.

Q: Which safety equipment is advised for users of electric skateboards?

A: Riders should use wrist guards, elbow and knee pads, adequate footwear, and helmets for their safety. Visibility can be improved by wearing reflective apparel or accessories and using lights on the skateboard, especially at night or in poor light.


Key Takeaway 

  • For urban commuters, electric skateboards are a cost-efficient, time-saving, and environmentally responsible mode of transportation, among many other advantages. 
  • It’s crucial to take into account vital factors including battery life, motor power, weight, deck material, and safety features when selecting an electric skateboard. 
  • There is a model that is appropriate for every urban rider among the top 15 electric skateboards, offering a variety of choices to accommodate varying tastes and price ranges. 
  • For the greatest skating experience, always put safety first and choose a skateboard that can accommodate your daily commute.


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