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Best 15 Keyless Entry Smart Locks

image credit : homesmart singapore


Traditional locks are becoming obsolete inside the era of clever homes. With clever locks, owners may additionally enjoy the ease of keyless access through actually the usage of their smartphone, fingerprint, or voice commands to release their doorways. These current marvels provide unmatched convenience collectively with increased safety. We’ll have a look at the pinnacle 15 smart locks in the marketplace proper now on this submit to assist you select the one that pleasant meets your desires.

Selection Criteria for Smart Locks

Features of Security

The choice of a clever lock must prioritize security. To ensure your own home is safe, search for locks with strong encryption protocols, numerous authentication options (such PIN codes and biometrics), and tamper alerts.

Options for Connectivity

Smart locks can be connected together using Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. While Bluetooth locks use much less energy, Wi-Fi geared up locks provide far flung get right of entry to. Z-Wave locks easily connect to different smart domestic home equipment.

Installing It Is Easy

Think of locks which might be easy to install, preferably without the assistance of an expert. While a few locks may be mounted onto deadbolts that exist already, others would possibly want to be replaced completely.

Cost and Worth

The cost of clever locks varies substantially. To ensure you get the maximum out of your investment, it is important to strike a balance between features and cost. Seek for locks that offer a whole lot of functions at an inexpensive charge.

The Best 15 Smart Keyless Entry Locks

1.August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 

Image credit: The Home Depot

Important characteristics: The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is widely recognized for being simple to put in and integrating seamlessly with cutting-edge deadbolts. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri voice commands are supported, and it has auto-lock and free up functions that work based totally at the proximity of your cell phone.

Pros and Cons: 

The app’s strong capability, simple setup system, and stylish look are its blessings. 

Cons include its reliance on Wi-Fi, which makes use of battery lifestyles greater quickly than Bluetooth options.

2. Schlage Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Encode

Image credit: Schlage

Important Features: There is not any want for extra hubs because this lock has integrated Wi-Fi. It has integrated alarm, advanced encryption, and Amazon Key compatibility for safe in-domestic shipping.

Pros: Its top notch security rating, person-friendliness, and compatibility with clever home structures are its blessings. 

Drawbacks: consist of its greater highly-priced price variety and hefty design.

3. Yale Assure Lock SL

Image credit: Yale

Key Features: This fashionable touchscreen deadbolt eliminates the want for keys. By integrating with Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee modules, it affords a flexible compatibility for smart homes.

Advantages and downsides: 

Advantages encompass its reliable touchscreen, several finish alternatives, and thin layout. 

Cons consist of the need to buy network modules one at a time, a good way to combine clever home generation.

4. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Key

Image credit: The Home Depot

Features of this lock provides six distinctive techniques of keyless entry, such as mechanical, code, fingerprint, and cellphone. Additionally, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (with a bridge) are supported.

Pros and Cons: 

Its robust safety capabilities and bendy admission to choices are professionals. 

A slightly difficult set up manner is one of the cons.

5. Google Nest Yale Lock

Image credit: BGE-Marketplace

Key features of the Yale lock designed in partnership with Google Nest include clean reference to the Nest environment. It has real-time notifications, far off get admission to, and a tamper-evidence keypad.

Pros and Cons

Its consumer-pleasant app, svelte design, and connection with Nest merchandise are amongst its benefits. Its reliance on Wi-Fi and the requirement for a Nest Connect bridge to be able to access it remotely are drawbacks.

6. Kwikset Halo Touch

Image credit: Walmart

Key Features of the Kwikset Halo Touch: The Kwikset Halo Touch has Wi-Fi connectivity and fingerprint identification. Through the Kwikset app, notifications, consumer control, and far flung access are all feasible.

Pros and Cons: The app’s sturdy functionality, easy installation process, and reliable fingerprint sensor are its professionals. Cons encompass accelerated strength consumption and sporadic communique problems.

7. Eufy Security Smart Lock

Image credit: Echo-Tech

Key functions of the Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch consist of a fingerprint scanner, keypad, and phone manipulation. Because of its IP65 weatherproofing, it could be used outdoors.

Advantages and downsides: Advantages consist of neighborhood data storage, brief fingerprint recognition, and weatherproof design. Cons encompass the inability to connect with Wi-Fi at once without a bridge.

8. Level Lock – Touch Edition

Image credit: Arian – Rugs

Key Features of the Level Lock – Touch Edition: The Level Lock is renowned for its understated look, absolutely fitting into the door. It works with Apple HomeKit and gives voice, app, and touch management.

Drawbacks: Its tasteful design, sturdy production, and seamless installation are amongst its benefits. Cons include the small choice of clever home systems that are compatible.

9. Lockley Secure Pro

Image credit: Lockley

Key Features of Lockley Secure Pro: To keep away from code guessing, Lockley Secure Pro has a unique PIN Genie touchscreen. It has a fingerprint sensor and voice management capabilities.

Advantages and downsides

Advantages include its particular touchscreen, several unlocking alternatives, and robust protection. 

Cons consist of the better value and, for a few users, a mastering curve.

10. Samsung SHP-DH537 lock

Image credit: Samsung

Key capabilities of the Samsung SHP-DH537 lock: include smartphone manipulation, RFID card access, and a fashionable touchscreen. Real-time notifications and numerous entry codes are supported.

Advantages and disadvantages: 

Advantages include its sublime appearance, reliable operation, and bendy admission to selections. 

Cons consist of the requirement for a hub and the absence of direct Wi-Fi connectivity.

11. Igloohome Smart Deadbolt

Image credit: Walmart

Key functions of the Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S encompass Bluetooth connectivity and PIN code access. It has a unique mechanism that synchronizes PIN codes even when there is no net connection.

Pros and Cons

The app’s sturdy structure, offline get right of entry to functionality, and person-friendliness are its pros. 

One disadvantage is that it isn’t always directly integrated with different clever home home equipment.

12. Bosma Aegis Smart Lock

Image credit: Walmart

Key features of the Bosma Aegis Smart Lock: consist of faraway manipulation through WiFi, door ajar notifications, and automobile-release. For further security, AES-128 encryption is covered.

Pros and Cons

Its strong protection functions, simplicity of installation, and reliable operation are its execs.

Cons include how little well matched its miles with other people’s devices.

13. Wyze Lock

Image credit: Walmart

Key functions of the Wyze Lock consist of connectivity with Amazon Alexa, remote get right of entry to, and auto-lock and release skills. For in addition protection, a door function sensor is likewise blanketed.

Pros and Cons: The app’s dependability, price, and comfort of installation are its benefits. Cons encompass sporadic troubles with connectivity and sparse interplay with clever homes.

14. SimpliSafe Smart Lock

Image credit: SimpliSafe

Key Features of the SimpliSafe Smart Lock: This lock gives far off control and PIN code access, and its miles made to combine easily with SimpliSafe systems. It connects with the SimpliSafe app and has an elegant keypad.

Pros and Cons

Its reliable performance, easy setup, and seamless reference to SimpliSafe are its blessings. 

Cons consist of its restrained standalone capability and reliance on the SimpliSafe gadget. Friday Home Smart Lock

15. The Friday Home Smart Lock

Image credit: FRIDAY

Important Features: The Friday Home Smart Lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit and has a distinctive, elegant layout. It has a rechargeable battery, faraway access, and automobile-lock and unlock capabilities.

Advantages and downsides

Its HomeKit compatibility, easy set up, and stylish design are its advantages. 

Shorter battery life and restrained compatibility with non-Apple gadgets are drawbacks.

Installation and Upkeep Advice

Getting Ready for Door Installation

Make sure your door and body are in appropriate form earlier than adding a smart lock. Verify that there aren’t any alignment troubles and that the deadbolt hole is the right length.

Common Installation Difficulties

Firmware updates, conversation issues, and misalignment are ordinary troubles. For troubleshooting advice, see the manufacturer’s commands and make certain the lock suits the type of door you’ve got.

Consistent Maintenance Procedures

Updating the firmware, verifying the battery’s degree, and cleaning the lock’s components are all part of routine maintenance. Test the lock on an ordinary basis to make sure all of its features are working as intended.

Future Directions for Smart Lock Technology 

Integration with Intelligent Home Automation

More thorough integration with all-encompassing clever domestic ecosystems is where smart locks will pass inside the future. Anticipate extra easy integration with gadgets which include home automation systems, protection cameras, and clever lights, providing an extra cohesive and progressed user revel in.

Developments in Biometric Security

The sophistication of biometric safety is growing. In order to increase protection and convenience, future clever locks would possibly include state-of-the-art facial popularity, iris scanning, and different biometric eras.

AI’s Potential to Improve Security

As clever locks enhance, synthetic intelligence (AI) becomes more and more critical. By the use of predictive analytics, identifying anomalous get right of entry to styles, and instantly caution house owners of feasible risks, synthetic intelligence (AI) can enhance security.


Q: Are smart locks safe to use?

A: Indeed, smart locks have the potential to be extremely safe, particularly those with several authentication options and sophisticated encryption mechanisms. They are just as safe as their weakest connection, though, just like any other technology. Strong passwords and frequent upgrades are crucial.

Q: Can someone hack a smart lock? 

A: Even while no system is impenetrable to hackers, smart locks with strong security features can greatly lower the likelihood of hacking. It is essential to select a lock that has frequent firmware upgrades and robust encryption.

Q: What occurs if the battery in the smart lock runs out? 

A: The low-battery warning function found in most smart locks gives you plenty of time to change the batteries. Furthermore, a lot of smart locks come with backup options, such mechanical keys or 9V batteries for emergency power.

Key Takeaway 

  • The perfect balance of contemporary technology, security, and ease is provided by smart locks.
  • Think about things like total value, simplicity of installation, connectivity options, and security features when selecting a smart lock. 
  • To ensure that every homeowner has a choice, our list of the top 15 smart locks for keyless entry includes a variety of features.
  • To sum up, smart locks are a wise purchase that will improve convenience and home security. You can make sure that your property is safe and accessible in the most creative manner possible by keeping up with the most recent trends and technological advancements.
  • In order to assist homeowners in making an informed decision on the upgrade of their home security systems, this in-depth article lists the top smart locks currently on the market. Modern security features and ease of use combine to make these locks the pinnacle of keyless access technology.


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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.