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What to Expect from iOS 12

Apple’s newest OS is just around the corner, expected to receive an in-depth breakdown at this year’s WWDC conference. With the conference opening up tomorrow, June 4th at 10 am, it’s time to gather together everything we know so far in anticipation of the newest title update to Apple’s signature mobile phone operating system.

  1. Anti-Addiction Technology

A report from cnet suggests that this generation’s OS will feature a greater focus on curbing cell phone addictions. The new features will be connected to the “Health” app of the phones or tablets, and will feature bar graphs and measurements that individuals can use to cut down on their phone use from day to day. The new functionalities are also rumored to include some updated parental controls, and even a new system that allows users to set time limits on certain apps, and then force-lock those apps for the rest of the day once that time limit has been reached.

2. Universal AR Gaming

A recent tweet hinted at some expansions to AR gaming technology: First of all, players will be able to sync up AR games with each other, allowing them to see the same objects through either of their phone screen, which is a big step forward for the immersive value of an AR experience. second, Google phones and iPhones have AR devkits that are comparable between devices, meaning you’ll no longer be locked out of playing a game with your friend if one of you owns a Google phone and the other owns an iPhone.

The shared AR experience is a nice feature, but the real step forward here is the focus on compatibility between phone brands because it shows a bit of pro-consumer development for the entire smartphone industry. For a long time, competing smartphones have had a lot of exclusive features that could not be accessed by others who were running a different phone (Apple’s iMessage is a major example). This cross-compatibility is a trend that will benefit all consumers, and a trend that we can only hope continues into the future.

3. Animoji are the new Emoji

Apple could be shifting the focus of their OS’s signature brand of texting emotes from the classic emoji to the new and updated Animoji. If you’re not already familiar with Animojis, they were a new feature for Emojis added exclusively to the iPhone X, using the phone’s biometric face scanner to copy one’s facial movements onto an Emoji that can then be sent out and displayed similar to an animated GIF.

Apple seems to be moving forward with this technology, developing the Animoji software and is rumored to be adding 3D biometric cameras into its next wave of iPads, so its likely that the Animoji feature will become a staple of the brand as it continues to move forward.

The newly, more developed software coming in iOS 12 will likely make existing Animojis more accurate and responsive for those with phones currently using it, in addition to updates to make sharing Animojis more universal and accessible.

4. Everything Gets Just A Little Bit Better

Aside from the large, title updates premiering in this year’s iOS, the update also brings a number of smaller improvements as well. These include the ability to set notifications to “snooze” so they will alert you again at a later time, many general improvements to the speed and predictive nature of Siri, and some new function that make tracking and monitoring different stocks easier and more automatic.

The new iOS is expected to be discussed further, and will release very soon for all your favorite mobile Apple devices.


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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.