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3DS Demo For Monster Hunter Stories Now Available

The upcoming 3DS installment for the Monster Hunter series has just released their new demo, for the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories, the demo is available for free download from the Nintendo 3DS Eshop now.

Since the action role-playing series’ first release back in 2004, the main focus of the game was to travel around the world of Monster Hunter, usually starting out from a village and taking on the role as a hunter, who is tasked with hunting monsters for food, crafting armor, crafting weapons and for missions. Aside from its unique gameplay, the series also became known for its vast open world, beautiful graphics, and challenging gameplay. However, Monster Hunter Stories will give the user a different perspective on the world of Monster Hunter, instead of the usual freelance-fighting mechanic that Monster Hunter is known for, Monster Hunter Stories will be a turn based RPG, where players will take turns battling other monsters alongside your own (similar to that of Pokémon), the graphics in the game take on a different look as well, trading in their realistic visuals for their world and monster designs for a much more colorful, anime-style look.

The biggest change is the main character, instead of being a “Monster Hunter” players will take on the role of a “Monster Rider,” who battles, collects, hatches, and rides monsters rather than hunting them. Players will be able to use the different monsters they hatch to form teams and unleash “powerful combo attacks” by using their different abilities. The monsters that fans of the series know and love are not gone but they may be hard to recognize due to their dwarfed and more anime style look rather than their ferocious realistic style look in the previous games, in the trailer we see the main character hatching and flying on an anime styled Rathalos over the Monster Hunter Stories world.

The demo for Monster Hunter Stories will allow the player to play through the first few hours of gameplay, and those who purchase the full version will be able to transfer their save data from the demo into the actual game, so they don’t lose any monsters or items they have collected. Monster Hunter Stories is set to release on Nintendo 3DS in the US September 8th, and for fans who are looking forward to other Monster Hunter games, a Japanese demo for Monster Hunter XX is available now on the Nintendo Switch, and Monster Hunter: World is set to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One in early 2018, and have a PC release soon after and Capcom has stated that they will release a trailer detailing the 14 different weapons featured in the game. Happy gaming!

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