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5 Xbox Series X features you might not know about

Xbox Series X unique features

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X provides a general leap for gamers, which also comes with several unique features.

Here we have listed the top 5 features of the next-generation console which you might not know about:

1. Dolby Vision:

If you haven’t experienced HDR before, you are in for a treat. Although both Series X and Series S support HDR10, the Dolby Vision uses dynamic Metadata which takes the gaming to the next level. Moreover, Dolby Vision produces 10x greater black levels than HDR10, so there are amazing contrast levels and highlights. However, the Dolby Vision won’t come out until 2021.

2. Dynamic backgrounds:

Dynamic backgrounds don’t sound like a great deal because they have been available for PS4 for some time. However, the Xbox Series X will look more attractive with their presence.

3. Family Settings App:

As a parent, do you want to have more control over how much your kids play during the week? If so, then you should use the Xbox Family app to manage a child’s overall screen time.

By using the Xbox Family app, parents can set limitations and age restrictions. Moreover, if your child gets a friend request, you can choose whether to accept the request or not.

4. Older Games are getting HDR support:

The Xbox Series X is turning out to be a great console for backward compatibility. However, an interesting feature is how you can add HDR to the older games. This applies to Xbox titles and Xbox 360, which were developed around 20 years ago. For example, GTA 4 came out on Xbox 360 back in 2008 but it features the HDR support. Another Xbox Series X game that will feature HDR support is Hellblade 2.


5. Expand Your Storage:

The Xbox Series X has a 1TB internal NVMe SSD. This enables fast downloads and introduces new features, like Quick Resume. However, the game install sizes are getting bigger with every generation, so the drive space will become premium soon.

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