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7 Cybersecurity Threats That Can Sneak Up on You

7 cyber security threats to look out for
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In recent times, we have become more concerned about large-scale attacks and threats issues of global importance so much that we ignore low-tech security issues. Although it appears irrelevant in most cases, low-tech security crimes go a long way in making the bigger crimes possible.

Cyber attacks now possess different complex and dynamic natures. Cybercriminals have grown relentless and persistent. You can only build a formidable defense with a good knowledge of the enemy and how he plans to attack.

Starting today, you can effectively protect yourself from cyber issues that pose a threat to your privacy and life in general. Below are possible risks that you might encounter as you go about your day-to-day life.


Security and privacy threats that you need to be on the lookout for

1. Rogue USB Sticks Threats

The use of USB storage devices has continually posed security threats to individuals and organizations. While some would recommend a restriction to the access capacity of a USB storage device, that may not be the best approach yet.

Intruders use USB storage devices to compromise and corrupt relevant information on a user’s computer system. Once executed, the intruder gains control over the targeted computer for malicious attacks or to steal sensitive information.

The good news is, you can efficiently protect your information. This is how; you need to patch all endpoints, and your computer must have anti-malware software to protect against all kinds of rogue USB devices.

We are mostly curious whenever we come across a strange USB device, and our first instinct is to plug it in and discover the contents. To remain safe and protected from corrupt USB devices, you must avoid plugging in all untrusted devices to your computer.

2. Zombie Accounts Threats

The use of zombie accounts is a growing challenge in the world today. Hackers try to gain access to your social media accounts hoping that the password you use in opening such an account is similar to that which you use in the bank or even PayPal.

A zombie account is one that a user opens and leaves dormant for a long while. Hence the name “zombie.” If you want to protect your information from Intruders, you have to delete any such account. If the account is still relevant to you, you’ll need to effectively manage them, so the wrong hands don’t get to them.

A password manager is an ultimate knight for the battle. Instead of going through all the trouble of having to manage all your numerous passwords, a password manager notifies you when an existing account becomes compromised. A password manager notifies you when your account is using a weak password and whenever you reuse a password. In other words, that’s goodbye to zombie accounts.

3. Untrusted Browser Extensions

Browser extensions should have relevant features to your daily window web. However, browser extensions can pose a threat to your privacy if not acknowledged. The immoral motive behind using a browser extension is to steal a user’s credentials, usernames, and passwords.

You can protect yourself from such attacks by avoiding using public computers to log in any critical account. Never forget to check if any questionable browser extensions have been installed.

When using your computer, log in to sensitive or essential accounts using your incognito browser. Never forget to check for browser extensions running in your browser’s window.

4. Bogus Online Quizzes

Everyone is familiar with those little quizzes and questions that pops up frequently when you’re using your browser. News is, some of these quizzes are sophisticated efforts by fraudsters to acquire relevant information from people without their consent.

Although these quizzes could always be used for a just course, the opposite is the case in most situations. In collecting answers to specific questions, they ask users for sensitive information like email addresses and passwords.

The best way to avoid this type of attack is to stay clear of any quizz that request personal information to submit your answer. Given this, it is essential to know that not all the quizzes pose a risk to users. As a user, your job is to remain vigilant to avoid being a victim of this kind of scam.

5. Leaky Photo Uploads Threats

You might probably be thinking, “how do photos I upload pose a threat to me?” I will answer this question by saying this; some of the pictures you upload carry some extra information. With just a look at your picture, an observer can determine where you work or even where you live.

While universal social media apps like Facebook can mask the location from whence, a picture was uploaded, apps like Google photos won’t. This is important because of cases like stalking or worse identity theft.

6. Smart Home Snooping

Is your home smart device spying on you?

Smart devices need to gather specific information to function properly. However, it is a pressing concern that information obtained by these devices might be shared with third-party companies.

There are microphones and cameras in most smart home devices. Producers gain unlimited data on their customers due to the Interconnectivity of smart devices in most homes.

It is advisable to patronize trustworthy brands to be protected from being monitored or to avoid your data getting to the wrong hands. Most gadget companies have strong data sharing policies that restrict the company from illegal access to your data.

7. Malicious Charging Cables Threat

Most people are indifferent when it comes to using a phone charging cable. Newsflash, not all charging cables are what they seem. Other functions charging cables can perform asides charging. By introducing a small WiFi-enabled plant, a hacker can gain full access over a mobile phone or computer system.

To prevent this, use only charging cables that come with your mobile device or charging cables from trusted sources.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.