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Aegis Defenders to join PlayStation 4’s game lineup

Aegis Defenders will also be released on PlayStation 4 following its PC release according to an announcement on the PlayStation official blog.

This unique game ties together the tower defense and 2D platformer genres where players will explore, build and defend their base. Players will have the option to switch between four different characters, which will help more in the building and defending stages of the game.

The story tells of two adventurers, grandfather Bart and his young granddaughter, Clu, who are on a journey to find the Aegis. The Aegis is a legendary weapon left behind by a previous ancient civilization that could possibly stop invading forces from taking away the duo’s home.

During the building phase, you will have to switch between characters so that you can combine different buildings together to fortify your base. You also have to watch out for enemies while preparing your base, but they are nothing in comparison to the wave of monsters that will be headed your way!

The player will also be tasked with trying to discover resources to bulk up their base (the game wouldn’t be any fun if you were given all of the tools you needed). Enemies will be blocking the path to these resources, so you already have to start keeping your guard up to safely secure exactly what you need. The enemies aren’t the only thing keeping you from resources, though, as puzzles are built into Aegis Defenders to give it that extra challenge. But every conquest won’t just lead to resources, you may discover treasure along the way.

To keep the enemies from destroying your base, you will have to switch between the characters to either fight them head on or activate traps you have placed during the building phase. But, if you are struggling, Aegis Defenders will have a drop-in/drop-out local co-op mode so that you can request the help of a friend.

More of this gameplay, along with more information on the story, can be found in the announcement trailer for Aegis Defenders on the PlayStation 4 official YouTube channel.

Combining two very different game genres to create one badass (and fun looking) game hasn’t been an easy task for GUTS Department, the indie developers behind the title. Aegis Defenders was originally a Kickstarter project, managing to surpass its goal of $65,000 with a total of over $145,000 raised in funding from over 4,000 backers back in July of 2014.

“The game’s come a long way since we started the project back in 2014 and nowhere is that more apparent than with the art style,” said Bryce Kho, the game director of Aegis Defenders.

The support from the Kickstarter backers seems to have helped the developer create a much cleaner, more modern version of the enemies and building blocks in Aegis Defenders. Also, the environment in the game has also received some upgrades.

“As development has progressed, the underlying goal has been to focus on using expressive shapes that give you a sense of depth and weight rather than adding detail, though we did a bit of that as well,” said Kho.

Along with coming to PlayStation 4, Humble Bundle will be publishing the game. It will be available sometime this winter. In the meantime, you can check out the Aegis Defenders official website and find the developers at the Indie Megabooth at PAX West or at the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom this year.

Again, this game is definitely a unique game changer in the video game industry. The pixelated art combines perfectly with the gameplay and story of Aegis Defenders, so I would recommend keeping your eye out for this game.

Featured image via the Aegis Defenders official press kit.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.