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Amazon agrees deal with most Spanish workers over Cyber Monday walkout

The logo of U.S. online retailer Amazon is displayed at a logistics centre in Trapagaran, northern Spain, November 22, 2023. REUTERS/Vincent West/File Photo
The logo of U.S. online retailer Amazon is displayed at a logistics centre in Trapagaran, northern Spain, November 22, 2023. REUTERS/Vincent West/File Photo

According to the local union group CCOO and the firm, Amazon (AMZN.O.) struck a deal with most of its workers in Spain on Monday. This allowed the company to escape the full impact of a planned one-hour walkout per shift on one of the biggest shopping days of the year for online purchases.

On the so-called “Cyber Monday” sale day, when merchants attempted to stimulate Christmas present shopping, some 20,000 warehouse and delivery workers at Amazon’s Spanish business were encouraged to walk out in protest to demand better compensation and working conditions.

Douglas Harper, the leader of CCOO, the main union at the U.S. store in Spain, indicated that just 5,000 Amazon delivery workers would continue with the protest, which would include them ceasing work for the last hour of their shifts. This decision was made after the workers determined that the company’s proposal for improved wage conditions did not go far enough.

In an email, the firm claimed that “the vast majority of our teams will continue to work as normal” and that “there will be no impact on our operations for our customers.” “We are proud of the wages, benefits, and safer working conditions that will be provided to our employees in Spain,” said Amazon.

The CCOO stated that it will keep negotiating with the corporation to improve salaries and working conditions at the local plant.

The working conditions of Amazon logistics employees have been the subject of complaints on both sides of the Atlantic, with groups of workers and activists throughout Europe holding demonstrations against the U.S. e-commerce giant as recently as last Friday.

Groups in Britain, Germany, France, and Italy attempted to disrupt the company’s operations on Black Friday, the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, when many businesses lower their prices to increase sales. Amazon has previously said that orders placed on Black Friday will be delivered dependably and on schedule.

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