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Apple Watch’s best new feature is now live

Explore the Best Apple Watch Apps in 2023 for an Enhanced User Experience
Explore the Best Apple Watch Apps in 2023 for an Enhanced User Experience

Owners of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 may now access the most intriguing features of their smartwatches with today’s watchOS 10.1 update. Double tap involves twice tapping one’s thumb and index finger for gesture-based interactions. When your other hand is full, this is a brilliant new method to engage with the wearable. It was unquestionably the high point of the line’s otherwise understated revamp.

During my Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 test period, I had a few days to test out a beta version of the functionality, and I can confirm that it functions mostly as promised (I wear my Watch quite high on my wrist, but it functioned perfectly after making a slight adjustment). This month, the capability was first made accessible to beta testers; anyone with the necessary devices may now access it.

Interestingly, AssistiveTouch, an accessibility tool that Apple Watch users have accessed for a while, is the foundation for this capability. Without a doubt, the updated edition offers unique accessibility features. The neural engine of the S9 chip was updated to enable Double Tap in its present state. The functionality may be used for a variety of functions, including scrolling through your Smart Stack of notifications, pausing and starting timers or stopwatches, setting alarms to wake you up, playing and pausing music, and turning on and off the flashlight.

Here is Apple’s complete list:

  • Navigating through the widgets in the Smart Stack by opening it from any watch face.
  • Taking calls and hanging up.
  • Using dictation to respond, sending a message, seeing a message from a notification, and scrolling through lengthy alerts with a second double touch.
  • Stopping, starting, and stopping a timer
  • Stopping and starting a timer again.
  • Setting off an alert.
  • Putting audiobooks, podcasts, and music on and off
  • Changing to the Compass app’s new elevation view
  • Using the Camera Remote in the Camera app to take an iPhone picture
  • Turning on or off the workout reminders automatically.
  • Completing the main task associated with alerts, such as responding to receiving messages from chat apps and ignoring reminders, even those from outside sources.
  • The app prioritizes the activity the Watch determines is most pertinent to your present interaction with the device. When a call comes in, for example, it will take precedence over all other tasks. However, currently, there is no API for the feature. Therefore, third-party app usage is restricted.
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