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Arms Player Blows Through The Competition At E3 Invitational Tournament, Only To Be Destroyed By Game Producer

This week at E3 a series of invitational tournaments was held, yesterday was the invitational tournament for Arms a fighting game where players control character with robotic spring arms and fight it out in player versus player matches. During yesterday’s tournament, a young gamer named Zerk blew through the competition and became champion of Arms and was even given a chance to play against the game’s producer, Kosuke Yabuki, however, Yabuki-san was not about to lose at his own game. Yabuki played as the bubbly female character Min Min and Zerk played as the towering Master Mummy and the match was on, Zerk may have been a good enough player to win the tournament but Yabuki showed no mercy!

Yabuki decided to test out a combo that players had been using during the game’s public betas, Yabuki began first by throwing his opponent into the springboards in the arena, next he popped his rush power-up (the special move in the game), and finishing the opponent with the rush special attack before he had a chance to react. The combo had announcers and spectators in awe and amazement as they had never seen such a powerful combo executed so flawlessly, showing just how many combos and possibilities when the game will have when it is fully released.

Zerk is a phenomenal Arms player by any means and was able to win the tournament using his amazing control over the character Twintelle, his strategy consisted of using solid punches, keeping his distance and cancelling any grabs with his rush, with Arms being only being available as a downloadable demo, a few public betas at E3, and the “Arms Global Testpunch” prior to it’s full release, Zerk has learned to play the game on a competitive level. Ironically enough Zerk did end up having to face the same character he used to win the tournament during his final match against Yabuki, with Zerk picking the star character of the game Spring Man and Yabuki picking Twintelle, the results were once again ended in favor of the game’s producer. Zerk put up a good fight but Yabuki’s skill was simply unmatched his strategy consisted of utilizing the character’s specific abilities such as Twintelle’s ability to slow down time and avoid attacks easily. With gamers showcasing this much skill during the invitational with the game now fully released even more skillful Arms players now have a chance to show their ability. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Fickr/BagoGames

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