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At Shanghai auto show, competitors offer in-car karaoke and crystal balls.

At the Shanghai auto show, automakers used crystal balls, in-car karaoke, and 3D dashboards to attract drivers in the world’s largest auto market.

Zeekr, a premium electric vehicle (E.V.) brand owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (GEELY.UL), showed its new X model SUV’s massaging seats at China’s first presentation since COVID-19 constraints ended.

Many Chinese automakers showed dashboard touch panels that let drivers sing karaoke or play games.

The Polestar 4 SUV coupe, a luxury E.V. made by Volvo (VOLCARb. S.T.) and Geely, will go into production later this year without a rear glass and employ H.D. cameras on its roof to show drivers what’s behind them.

Polestar said it enhances backseat visibility and space.

Unity (U.N.), a popular video game engine, showed how it is helping Li Vehicle (2015) adapt its dashboard displays into 3D game-like interfaces and reveal its future cockpit at the car exhibition.

Chinese automakers have gained market share from Western rivals by offering drivers specialized lifestyle services and launching new vehicles faster. Innovate aggressively.

Chinese automakers offer complimentary folding side view mirrors when parked, adding value to their low prices.”So many new vehicles, so many Chinese vehicles looking very good,” said Faurecia CEO Patrick Koller. Koller noted that numerous new Chinese models had no buttons and used speech and movement activation.

“China’s consumer-driven electronics are looking for a ‘Wow!’ effect,” he said. Foreign automakers showed. China’s Genesis CEO Markus Henne says the EV GV60’s central console has a crystal ball.

Genesis’ “sphere” lights up and shifts gears when the car starts. It silences E.V. engines. “It’s been eaten up by Chinese consumers,” Henne said. Faurecia’s Koller warned of automakers’ quick product launches’ high costs. This pace and short vehicle-renewal cycle worry me. “This is expensive and doesn’t give you time to mature innovations and technology,” Koller said.

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