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Baidu’s ChatGPT-like Ernie Bot has more than 100 mln users -CTO

Baidu's CEO says more than 70 large AI language models have been released in China.
Baidu's CEO says more than 70 large AI language models have been released in China.

Baidu’s ChatGPT-like Ernie Bot has more than 100 mln users -CTO. On Thursday, the Chinese internet corporation Baidu (9888. HK) announced that ChatGPT-like Ernie Bot has amassed over one hundred million users. Wang Haifeng, the chief technical officer of the business, made the announcement.

A profound learning event held in Beijing was the venue for the announcement of the user base milestone. This milestone comes after the search engine giant launched Ernie Bot to the general public in August. Before this, a partial revelation and trial phase lasted more than five months, during which some users could test the chatbot’s skills.

Even though the partial unveiling in March was not particularly impressive, analysts acknowledged that it still provided the company with a valuable first-mover advantage in a market that has since become crowded with dozens of players. This is because both large and small Chinese technology companies attempt to create chatbots using generative artificial intelligence (AI).

This occurred after the debut of ChatGPT (MSFT.O) by the United States-based research group Open AI in the latter half of 2022. Within six months, ChatGPT became the software program with the highest growth rate worldwide.

Following that, investors have placed a valuation on OpenAI of more than $80 billion. Microsoft has invested $13 billion in a for-profit subsidiary of OpenAI, equivalent to a 49% share. OpenAI’s parent organization is a nonprofit organization.

The Chief Executive Officer of Baidu, Robin Li, has said on many occasions this year that Ernie Bot and other such products can assist the firm in gaining market share in its core businesses, which include the search engine, cloud, and intelligent vehicle departments.
SuperCLUE, a ranking that evaluates chatbots powered by generative artificial intelligence, gave Ernie Bot a score of 79.02 on Thursday, which is more than ten points lower than the most recent version of ChatGPT, even though it is the leader among all Chinese chatbots.

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