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Battleborn is Now Basically Free to Play

Battleborn announced in a news update that it will offer a ‘Free Trial’ mode, where players don’t have to buy the full game in order to still be able to access, well, the majority of the game.

Here is most of the official Battleborn news update about ‘Free Trial,’ which can also be found in full here:

“We’re excited to announce a new and incredible way to jump into the hero-shooter, Battleborn! Starting today players can experience unlimited competitive multiplayer for FREE with the Battleborn Free Trial.”

“Players can now pick up Battleborn as a free downloadable experience that grants UNLIMITED access to all competitive multiplayer gameplay modes and maps, without any time limits or level caps. To keep things fresh, there is a weekly rotation of six heroes from the roster of 30 total heroes. Progress with each hero and player account progression is also permanent, so when the same character comes back around players can pick them up where they left off. To download the Battleborn Free Trial, head to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Steam store page and search for Battleborn. Each page has a “Try Now” button to download the Free Trial.

Already own Battleborn? Then you’re a Founder! Keep on reading to find out what being a Founder entails.

The Free Trial is now available globally on Steam and Xbox One, and is available in the Americas on PS4. For Sony Europe and Sony Japan, the Free Trial will be available starting June 13, 2017.

PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold memberships are required to play the Free Trial.

New players won’t have to worry about matchmaking against a team with Command Rank 100 and legendary gear out of the gate. With the launch of the Free Trial, we’re also introducing a queue specifically for new players. This queue was created just for new and lower rank players to learn the ropes without being matched with more experienced players. Even if you’re a quick learner or an experienced MOBA player, we wanted to give you enough time to find your Battleborn play style and favorite heroes. Once a player masters Battleborn’s mechanics and reaches Command Rank 20, the Novice Queue will disappear and they be able to join other Battleborn players in the regular queues.

If you’re new to Battleborn, or just feeling a little rusty, take advantage of the new Training Modes, including an Incursion Tutorial to build up competitive multiplayer skills, and The Dojo, where players can test drive all 30 Battleborn heroes against waves of minions, regardless of whether they’re unlocked outside of The Dojo.

Played it, loved it, want more? We got you. Players can unlock heroes, customizations for your favorite hero, experience boosters, or even the Story Mode Operations in the Marketplace individually. In the Marketplace, you’ll find a number of items that can be purchased with Credits earned in-game or Platinum premium currency including:

  • Battleborn Heroes
  • Cosmetics skins and taunts
  • Gear packs
  • XP and Loot Boosters
  • Additional Loadouts and Bank pages
  • Story Operations, individually or as part of the Season Pass bundle
  • Battle Passes to access private matches

Players can also head to either digital or retail stores to upgrade to the full game and unlock all 25 base characters, all eight Story Mode missions and the Prologue, as well as permanent access to private matches. Upgrading is seamless and any player going from the Free Trial to the full game will receive in-game credits for any duplicated content that was purchased a la carte. Additionally, character challenges and masteries will carry over with the upgrade, and players will be granted access to earn the character masteries that are only available through Story Mode missions.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam achievements or trophies will be granted upon upgrading to the full game. In order to complete the transfer of challenges, masteries, achievements, and trophies, complete the task one more time by hopping into a match or mission to complete the action (ex. get a kill, play as a Peacekeeper) and earn the corresponding reward.

Anyone who’s already purchased and played the retail version of Battleborn prior to the launch of the Free Trial (June 6, 2017) has been awarded Founder Status. Founders have been here with us honing their skills in multiplayer matches and protecting the last star from Rendain and the Varelsi, and we’re proud to reward these veteran players with the Founder title and Founders bonus content, including Legendary Gear, 1,000 Platinum, 50,000 Credits, Loot Packs and more, plus an exclusive “Founder’s Crown” Flair item. What’s flair? These special pieces of gear have visual components for your hero such as ears, horns and headwear. Flair has a chance to drop from any loot pack, and is a guaranteed drop from the Magnus Loot Pack, a new loot pack introduced with the arrival of the Free Trial…”

So players can still play the game without having to pay for any “add-ons,” which could enhance the experience of the game but not by a lot. Although Battleborn is making it seem like Free Trial is like any other free trial, it is giving players a nearly full game. This doesn’t come as a shock, considering Overwatch has been the incredibly more popular game out of the two released last year. Hopefully, the Free Trial will be able to pull more players for the game.

Featured Image via 2K Games

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