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Bonus BeReal launches in UK, allows several posts per day.

Photo Credit: Be Real

The UK is testing Bonus BeReal. This allows users to publish more than once each day—two Bonus BeReal posts if you upload on time during the two-minute daily window and one other post if you miss the window—and is expected to roll out shortly in other countries. So post your Bonus BeReal whenever you like.

BeReal’s social media authenticity went viral last year. Every day at a random moment, users are asked to “BeReal” and take a front and back camera shot to share with friends. So cereals of pals enjoying Netflix on the sofa or doing laundry may appear on their Instagram stories instead of just the highlights.

Some users enjoy the reminder that life is more than our most gorgeous moments, while others wait and share their daily BeReal when they’re doing something exciting, which defies the app’s authenticity goal. Also, seeing your buddies at work at 2 PM on Tuesdays is dull.

“Everyone’s been there…” BeReal blogged. “BeReal goes off before we’re at the concert, out to dinner, or connecting with family and friends, and we’re faced with the ultimate decision: post late or miss the moment.”

Since the repercussions for missing the two-minute timeframe are low, the Bonus BeReal function almost feels like a confession many users post late. However, since they’ll earn two Bonus BeReal posts, people will be encouraged to post on time. It boosts interaction but may change the app’s culture.

The crew behind the spontaneous photo-sharing app remained uncharacteristically silent while BeReal topped app store charts and faced copycat features from TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. The app was the topic of a “Saturday Night Live” spoof, but the France-based business declined to comment to the press. However, along with Bonus BeReal, the firm reveals that it has 20 million DAUs.

In October, our sources told us BeReal had 20 million DAUs and raised a $60 million Series B investment at a $587 million value. Today’s 20 million DAU statistics may validate that six-month-old data point. On the other hand, it may indicate sluggish growth. BeReal declined to clarify these data before publishing.

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