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By 2025, all Apple batteries will employ 100% recycled cobalt.

Consumer electronics companies may reduce their environmental effect in several ways. Encourage device recycling, simplify system repair, and update manufacturing and supply chain procedures. Recycling gadgets is beneficial for the environment and PR—a win-win.

Google and Samsung have supported those efforts, using repurposed fishing nets. In addition, apple said over a year ago that it would double its use of recycled materials in products and eliminate plastic packaging by 2025.

The firm revealed this morning that the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook batteries would use 100% recycled cobalt by that deadline. The corporation utilizes “a significant majority” of cobalt from batteries. However, cobalt mining and its effects on miners are tough.

Apple stated this morning,

Apple now uses 100% certified recycled cobalt in all its batteries by 2025. In addition, apple used 25% recycled cobalt in 2022, up from 13% in 2021.

Aluminum, tungsten, and rare earth metal projects preceded it. Apple’s long-term goal is carbon neutrality by 2030.

“Our goal to use 100% recycled and renewable materials in our products works hand in hand with Apple 2030: our goal to achieve carbon neutral products by 2030,” adds VP Lisa Jackson. “We’re working toward both goals with urgency and advancing innovation across our entire industry in the process.”

Recycling cobalt from obsolete gadgets is crucial. For example, the Daisy robotic arm peeled iPhone materials five years ago.

Apple says Apple believes that Daisy batteries have returned over 11,000 kilos of cobalt to the secondary market since 2019. In addition, Daisy recovers rare earth elements missed in regular electronics recycling.

In light of Apple’s XR goals, the “overhead projector-based augment reality system” (shown above) it’s been sending to partners to guide human employees through disassembly is also fascinating.


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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.