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Cobra Kai season 3: Everything that we know so far

Cobra Kai season 3

The third season of Cobra Kai is officially announced and a teaser trailer from Netflix has given us an indication of what to expect when it launches in 2021.

Netflix has picked this Karate Kid sequel and turned it into something big. Now, as the audience grows, we can look forward to the third season of Cobra Kai.

At the end of the second season, several characters aren’t in a good place. Kreese becomes a villain. Moreover, Johnny Lawrence’s star prodigy, Miguel, is in an intensive care unit after a brawl at high school didn’t go his way. Moreover, LaRusso’s obsession with the gym has caused a big gap between him and his wife and daughter. Sam is also in hospital after Cobra Kai scrap.

There is no doubt that the show’s cult following is building with the passage of time; it’s something you won’t see anywhere else. So, if you have been here since the beginning, sit tight because we are going to tell you everything that we know about season 3 so far:

We believe that season 3 will release somewhere in 2021. However, the fans of Karate won’t have to wait that long.

In an interview with CBR, the co-creator and executive producer of the series, Josh Heald, confirmed that they filmed the season 3 before the pandemic. He stated, “Thankfully, we wrapped the season 3 production before the end of 2019. We also wrapped post-production was still doing some final quality checks when the pandemic started.” So, Cobra Kai season 3 will release after some final touches from the post-production team.

There aren’t many story details regarding season 3. The recently released Netflix trailer contains the cuts of S1 and S2, with a brief teaser for season 3. However, the footage gives some interesting insight into season 3.

Daniel has gone to Okinawa, a place he visited in Karate Kid II. We believe that other characters of Karate Kid II will also return, like Kumiko and Chozen. Chozen was Daniel’s enemy while Kumiko was his lover.

Cobra Kai main character, Daniel

The season 3 trailer has left many questions in the mind of the audience. For now, Netflix is keeping all the information to itself.

That’s all we know about season 3 of Cobra Kai. If you are interested in other Netflix shows, you can check out The Witcher here.

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