For many, Cyberpunk 2077 has quickly become this year’s Half Life 3. If a person walks into a room of gamers and claims that they were among the lucky few to witness the closed-doors gameplay demo of Cyberpunk 2077, they’re sure to garner some attention. Cyberpunk’s selective gameplay showing has made real footage of the game somewhat of a cult legend to eager fans and community members. The decision has elevated the game to something more than just a game. It’s almost more than a game. It’s like a myth.

A myth that holds very high expectations for many. If those expectations are allowed to get too high, it could prove very dangerous and damaging for the actual game.

People are often disappointed when they go into the marketing campaigns of games like Cyberpunk, or games before them like No Man’s Sky that promise a “perfect experience” but ultimatley fail to deliver on that promise. So it would be absurd for CD Projekt Red to aim for perfectionism, right? It would be crazy to expect them to ship the perfect Cyberpunk experience, right?

Realistically, yes. But if Cyberpunk Creator Mike Pondsmith is anything to believe, perfection is what they’re aiming for.

Pondsmith recently spoke with IGN regarding CD Projekt’s goals for the title, and explained why details and gameplay have been so slow to release.

“We have an awful lot of stuff that we want to do, and it’s going to take time to do it. And I’m hoping the fans are going to give us the time to do it.”

-Mike Pondsmith

According to Mike, there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes at CD Projekt Red. Even though the title is coming along pretty well towards being a complete project, there’s a large number of open questions that don’t have definite answers yet. Those who saw the gameplay demo can confirm that it looked graphically stunning, but lots of conversations about graphical downgrades in Witcher 3 have made CD Projekt a lot more cautious about showing off any footage of shiny textures before they’re absolutley certain those textures will exhibit the same amount of shine in the final release.

“If we’re going to do stuff that has never been done before—or has never been done the way we’re doing it—we need space, we need time, and we need the privacy to mull it over.”

-Mike Pondsmith

Mike’s words hold a lot of promise for the quality of the coming game, but they certainly don’t hold a lot of promise for anyone who was getting their hopes up for some new Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay footage any time soon.

Looks like it’s fairly likely that Cyberpunk might actually be the game everyone has been dreaming it up to be. But good dreams take time. And CD Projekt Red has no problem taking as much time as they need.

Featured Image Via Flickr / R Nator

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