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Date Your Sexy Bladed Weapons: Dungeon Boyfriend

Weild Your Sword, Then Weild Your Sword’s Sword.

And you thought you’d seen it all.

After Hatoful Boyfriend‘s successful run on Steam gave PC gamers everywhere the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to form a long-lasting romantic relationship with a pigeon, you thought there was nowhere else they could go. Nothing crazier they could come up with next.

And you were wrong.

Introducing Boyfriend Dungeon, an all-new Kickstarter Project by Kitfox Games. This…erm…creative new title injects some rather unusual romance into the traditional concept of action roguelike isometric titles by featuring several weapons, each of which can undergo a dazzling transformation sequence to turn from weapon of war to weapon of love.

Click that last link.  Look at that sexy Talwar. Truly majestic.

But despite its name, Boyfriend Dungeon offers more than just masculine counterparts. The game totes itself to depict an “inclusive, tasteful approach to gender and sexuality, including male, female, and non-binary romance”, according to the Kickstarter page. So while this sword might be a dude, there’s sure to be some lady weapons down the line for those with different tastes.

It’s just as important to note, however, that both words in “Boyfriend Dungeon” hold equal importance. In addition to being a dating sim, it is also a full-fledged dungeon crawler experience, filled with enemies to fight and challenges to overcome. Developer Kitfox Games is no stranger to crafting difficult and interesting indie titles, and their talents seem to be right at home in the odd romance – adventure mix of Boyfriend Dungeon.

“But if there’s a full game here, what part does the romance plot actually play?”

Simple: The closer two people get, the stronger their relationship grows. And the stronger bond one forges with their weapon, the stronger their power becomes.

So while other titles might have you filling a simple level-up bar to increase your strength value, Boyfriend Dungeon has you romancing a sexy Spanish blade so the two of you can fight together in true unison.

And in a decision that sort of breaks the whole “Romance” vibe, but shows that Kitfox Games is willing to place gameplay over the story (Usually a very good sign in game design), you’re not limited to the number of weapons you can romance at one time. From their initial description, Kitfox stated that there were seven total weapons, all attached to their own unique characters, currently included in the title. However, with how successful this Kickstarter project has proven so far, that may soon grow to many more…

But the point is that the title won’t punish you for wanting to switch up your playstyle – a good sign for almost any game.

Speaking of successful, at the moment of writing, the game is just about to cross yet another stretch goal, this one giving all weapons fully-animated transformation sequences. Which, if you haven’t clicked on that first gif yet (You should), is a pretty huge reason to buy in.

Boyfriend Dungeon is available for backing now, at a starting price of $20 for one digital copy. The campaign runs through September 15th, so you’ve got some time to track the campaign if you’re feeling hesitant.

Or some time to ogle at that fabulous Kickstarter page. God damn.

Edit: Alright, they updated their Kickstarter page and have revealed the faces of all the weapons. One of them is a cat. Okay. They took that whole “inclusive romance” thing a lot further than I was expecting.

Featured Image via the Boyfriend Dungeon Kickstarter Page.

Joe Detrano
Joe Detrano
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