Dell has made history by releasing the world’s first wirelessly charging laptop! The laptop will operate similarly to the way phones are able to charge wirelessly through the use of a wireless charging base. The laptop, known as the Dell Latitude 7285, is a 12-inch, detachable 2-in-1 device, which was first announced back at CES along with others in a new line of hybrid laptops. Unfortunately, this laptop will be nothing short of expensive, the laptop will retail for as high as $1,750 and the Wireless Charging Keyboard and the Wireless Charging Mat will be sold separately and will cost approximately $549.99.

Currently, the laptop is on sale on the Dell website for $1,199.99. For those of you planning on buying this laptop and the accessories, buying the accessories together will save you $29.99 versus buying them separately. The laptop uses an attachable keyboard as a wireless charging base, the reason for the wireless charging mat is because the laptop can’t be used on any metal surfaces otherwise it could disrupt the charging and risk damaging the laptop. The keyboard itself cannot be charged as it does not contain an extra battery and its main function is to act as a wireless charging base, however, another keyboard accessory for the device, with a power pack that offers up to four hours of extra battery life.

The two keyboard accessories cannot be used simultaneously in order to give the laptop an extra boost in power and Dell does not seem to be eager to work on the process of adding it to the laptops current design. The Dell Latitude 7285 has a 12-inch display and Intel Core i5-7Y54 with 128GB SSD and 8GB of memory. A 12-inch convertible version of the laptop is set to be released in August as well as versions of the laptop with more memory. Pricing for these upcoming models will be announced closer to their release. Prior to Dell’s wireless charging capabilities, a popular device with wireless charging capabilities was Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge which were able to charge through the use of a wireless charging pad that would automatically start charging the phone when placed on it. Dell intends to further work with wireless charging technology and apply it to future laptops and other devices released by them in the future and with further development we can expect to see devices with wireless charging capabilities from other companies.


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