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Dell Reveals New (and Cheap) Inspiron Gaming Desktop

The Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop will be released on June 13, according to the official Dell store website.

This gaming desktop stands out against others because of its surprisingly cheap price point. Although not listed on the Dell store website, the desktop will cost $599.99 according to CNET. The desktop, if bought by itself, is a pretty basic machine — it has an AMD A10 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and an AMD Radeon RX560 according to The Verge. Despite the inexpensive price point, a fully-upgraded desktop can cost someone up to $2,000.

The processing cores that the Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop starts off with are the AMD A10 or A12 but can be upgraded to run on AMD Ryzen processors, according to Windows Central. AMD Ryzen cores, also according to the official Dell store website, are able to multitask and respond quickly due to their high-powered performance.

These cores aren’t cheap either, with the cheapest being the AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Processor costing $169 and the most expensive being the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Processor costing $499, according to Amazon.

The Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop also boasts its ability to smoothly run VR. “Radeon graphics… with options up to RX580, and NVIDIA options up to GTX1060… are designed to help you dominate DirectX 12 gaming and virtual reality landscapes,” says the official Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop webpage. These upgrades could give you the “ultimate gaming performance” and can generate heavy graphics with dual graphics support.

Another feature of the Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop is its extensive memory. It can upgrade to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, which will help increase overall performance and multitasking for the desktop. Starting up the desktop and loading up games will be quicker and easier, too, due to its ability to upgrade to a hard drive with space up to 2TB HDD and a solid-state drive up to 256GB.

The design of the desktop is made so that it can keep itself cool without overheating by having the left side of the desktop open for air flow. It also uses sense technology during high performance so that the desktop has control over overheating. Along with keeping itself from overheating, the desktop has booming audio and won’t make much noise due to the placement of its parts. Multiple USB ports are available to fully upgrade the desktop. More information on the Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop can be found here.

This desktop seems to be targeted to either more casual gamers or gamers who can’t afford Alienware, Dell’s gaming PC company. While the cheapest desktop available from Alienware is the Alpha that costs $449.99, it seems more worth it to buy either the Aurora or the Area-51, costing $799.99 and $1,699.99 respectively. Alienware laptops cost between $999.99 (for the Alienware 13) and $1,199.99 (for the Alienware 17). While the original specs for the Inspiron Gaming Desktop may seem like they are for a beginner, they can help out those who can’t afford to buy Alienware PCs.

Dell’s other option for gaming is the Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop. It comes with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, can hold up to 7th Gen Intel Core i7 Quad Processors, and has options for both high definition and 4K gaming. This laptop comes with 8 to 16GB of RAM but can be upgraded to 32GB DDR4 RAM. It currently costs between $799.99 and $1,199.99, more expensive than the new Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop. More information on the Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop can be found here.

This uniquely lower-priced desktop seems to be a step for Dell to advertise to a different set of consumers. Gamers who can’t afford to build between $1,000 to $2,000 gaming desktops now have the option to build up from something cheaper.

Feature image via Wikipedia.

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