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Destiny 2 Beta Will Include Opening Campaign Mission, PvP Matches, Co-Op Strike & More

Bungie has released more information for Destiny 2, the upcoming sequel to their hit original game Destiny and fans are in for a special treat during Destiny 2’s Open Beta.

Bungie has revealed the Beta for Destiny 2 will include the opening campaign mission, a new mode known as Countdown mode, a brief look into the new social area in the game known as, “The Farm” and much more. The opening mission included in the Beta will be known as “Homecoming” and will provide players with a glimpse at what the story in Destiny 2 will be once the game is fully released.

Countdown is an all new PvP mode where players can enter the crucible to battle other players and their guardians, and players can attack or defend bases on new maps specifically created for this mode. In addition to the new modes being added to player versus player combat, there will also be returning ones as well, such as the return of Control, a mode where players will battle for control of three bases and whichever team has control of more bases at the end of the match wins.

In a new addition to Control, players will be able to play on newly designed maps custom-built for the goal of the game. The next new feature in Destiny 2 is the inverted spire where players will be able to raid a Vex stronghold, with two of their friends or use the Matchmaking function to find random players to team up with. The biggest additions to the upcoming sequel that most fans can’t wait to try out are the new subclasses for the guardians players will be able to select Dawnblade Warlcock for the Warlock class who’s special ability allows them to summon a blade of fire and engulf their enemies in flames, Arcstrider Hunter who’s special ability allows them to summon an energy staff and strike down their foes with furious combo attacks, and Sentinel Titan who’s able to summon and energy shield that they can wield like Captain America, ricocheting it off walls and ramming it into enemies.

Also, as a way to test out how many players the new social area “The Farm” players can hold at once, players will be able to enter it for one hour on July 23rd starting at 10am Pacific time. The only features that won’t be included in the Beta are of course character progression and clan support and unfortunately your progress from the Beta won’t carry over to the full game. Early access to the Destiny 2 Beta begins on July 18 on PlayStation 4 and July 19 on Xbox One for those who have Destiny 2 pre-ordered. The beta will then open up to all players on PS4 and Xbox One from July 21-July 23. Payers who participate will receive a special emblem once the full game releases on September 6th for PS4 and Xbox One. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via BagoGames


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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.