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Dictation Source is a full medical transcription provider

Dictation Source has been a pioneer of the medical transcription industry, since 1991. It is based in the U.S., and its headquarters are in Bethel Park, PA. Moreover, it has other offices throughout the country in states, like Florida, Oregon, New Jersey, and Maryland.

The company, Dictation Source, uses its “Proprietary developed automated platform” to provide the media transcription services to more than 1,400 healthcare facilities in the US. Some major clients of the company are Walter Reed National Medical Military Centre, Vibra Healthcare, Ohio University, and Barlett Regional Hospital.


The method of transcription is evolving. Currently, companies use digital technology to lower costs and increase overall efficiency. Dictation Source uses human editing and automated transcription to make sure that it provides effective and efficient service.

Dictation Source provides many ways to dictate office notes, and it doesn’t state specifically what they are and if there are options for mobile platform apps. There are macros available to cut down undesired text. Moreover, templates are used to reduce the amount the clinician has to dictate.

The principal transcription that Dictation Source uses is multi-factorial. The first pass is done through an automated process that converts the voice file to text for speed and efficiency. After that, a medical transcriptionist reviews the dictations. The total turnaround time is one business day, and the work isn’t outsourced to other providers. This keeps the files in house and provides a high level of security. There are many ways to deliver the final notes, with the main options, including print outs, direct delivery to EMR, emails, and downloads from a credible site.

An even more affordable option is the Speech Recognition package, which takes an uploaded file and converts it into text within 60 seconds. The claimed accuracy here is 95%, which is acceptable to most users. However, accuracy can be improved through a better audio environment and training. The company states that this can increase the accuracy by up to 99%.

Dictation Source also provides the Virtual Scribe service, which offers full services, without the issues, like training and turnover. Although the package is costly, it still costs less than a dedicated scribe in the office. Virtual Scribe increases the accuracy and overall productivity of the clinician. There is no training period required, like in a traditional scribe, because Virtual Scribes are familiar with many EMR’s. Dictation Source also provides Physician Quality Recording System (PQRS) services and “Coding automation technology.”

Drawbacks and price:

Dictation Source doesn’t provide the full pricing information. Moreover, you can’t use the service on Android or iOS. However, the company should provide this service on Android and iOS, because many popular games and apps are available on these platforms, like SEGA Forever. Another major criticism regarding Dictation Source is that it has a steep learning curve.

You will get support through the toll-free, email address, or a dedicated support line. The support is available 24/7 with support personnel. Thus, it has got one of the best support systems currently available.

Dictation Source has no cancellation or setup fees. However, there is a hint of pricing, which ranges from 7.5 cents to 10 cents per line. For the final price, you need to rely on custom quotes. However, we think that the company should give a better idea of pricing beforehand.

There is also a 7-day free trial option for all the medical transcription services. However, the time is shorter than its competitors which offer a 14 to 30 day trial period.


Dictation Source certainly has its upsides. It offers a free trial, and the support is available 24/7. Moreover, it has flexible delivery options and many available templates. However, it doesn’t have any mobile apps or Windows software. Still, if you are a clinician who wants to boost his efficiency, you won’t find a better match than Dictation Source.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.