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Discord will offer an in-app soundboard.

Discord now has a voice channel soundboard. The soundboard lets you play all kinds of noises in voice channels to prank a buddy. According to a Discord blog post, the functionality will spread out over “the next weeks” after being tested in a few groups.

Nevertheless, only the desktop software can use Discord’s soundboard to produce noises. Kellyn Slone, director of product communications, tells The Verge that smartphone users may hear but not utilize the board. But, any official Discord soundboard is an upgrade, as you previously had to utilize third-party software like Voicemod.

According to a Discord support page, you may decrease the soundboard volume in settings to disable them. You can also restrict server soundboard use.

Nitro subscribers may utilize their uploaded sounds across servers using their soundboards. In addition, Nitro customers get new themes and avatar embellishments, among other goodies. Upon launch, all Discord desktop users will receive two “Super Reactions” for Nitro subs, which add animation flare to emoji reactions.

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