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DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT Announced for PlayStation 4

A new game apart of the DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY series, DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT has been announced for the PlayStation 4 today in its new trailer available on the official PlayStation 4 YouTube channel.

The trailer opens up to a cinematic sequence showing off a forest, beach and city that will be destroyed and burning in the next shot. Two factions, one lead by a female mage named Materia and the other lead by a devilish-looking male warrior are battling against one another (similar to the first DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY game for PlayStation Portable that featured the goddess of harmony and the god of discord). The two give you the option to fight on there side, with the mage saying “I humbly entreat you… Pry my world from the grip of ruin,” while the warrior fights back saying “As for you lot… You are to fight so that my realm decays no further!”

Gameplay is introduced in the trailer, revealing how competitive and fast-paced it will be. Players can use a variety of skills (long-range, close combat, and area of effect) to fight against their opponents. The trailer also introduces the different summons that will be available for the characters to use in-game (unfortunately, the summons do not seem playable).

As opposed to fighting in an open world environment against countless enemies like the latest Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XV will focus on three vs. three battles in a select area. Players will be able to play DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT both online and offline, being able to play with players across the world or play against AI. Players can also spectate matches between other players, increasing the competitive aspect of the game.

As players continue to fight, they will gain rewards that can be used to “further gameplay,” although specifics aren’t mentioned on the official DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT website. Knowing previous Final Fantasy games, this will probably be leveling and earning skill points to use in a skill tree like in Final Fantasy XV.

The game, instead of having new characters, will include over 20 different characters from previous Final Fantasy games. Some of these characters include Cloud Strife and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. The characters will be broken down into classes, which includes Vanguard, Assassin, Marksman, Specialist, and Summon.

Currently, the game offers 10 different arenas to fight in also from various Final Fantasy games. Some of these arenas include Porta Decumana from Final Fantasy XIV Online, Eden from Final Fantasy XIII, and Rabanastre from Final Fantasy XII. There isn’t much known about the arenas other than what they have been announced.

Further details from the DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT Amazon page include that characters can gain different weapons and skins and that Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, the most recent Final Fantasy game, will be included as a playable character. These details were not found on the official DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT official website.

More information about DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT can be found on the official DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT website and by watching the DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT trailer.

After spending time in arcades, this is the first game in the DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY series to be on a PlayStation console since the first game, DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY and the second game, DISSIDIA 012: FINAL FANTASY were only available on PlayStation Portable. This gives fans of the series an opportunity to play on the PlayStation 4 console, increasing the competitiveness of the game.

The game will be released in early 2018 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $59.99. It was created by Square Enix and Team Ninja from KOEI TECMO GAMES.

Featured image via DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT official website.

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