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Domino’s now lets you purchase pizza using Apple CarPlay.

Photo Credit: Domino's

Domino’s now lets you order pizza on your car’s infotainment screen using CarPlay. Today’s new functionality places a streamlined Domino’s app on your dash and enables you “Tap to Order,” triggering your main shop to start generating your favorite order for pickup. You can only alter your selections by tapping “Call to Order” and speaking to someone hands-free.

“We know how stressful it may be to wait in a [fast food] drive-thru line merely to place an order,” Domino’s SVP chief digital officer Christopher Thomas-Moore said in the news release. “Domino’s app on CarPlay is a perfect alternative to that, since consumers can stay in their car and order from wherever they are, without waiting in a long drive-thru.”

If you want instant pizza orders from your car, download the Domino’s app for iPhone, log in or establish an account, make an “Easy Order” for the immediate “Tap to Order,” then start Domino’s via Apple CarPlay.

Domino’s has tried quick pizza orders through emojis and a “zero click” app that orders pizza upon launch. The firm also debuted electric delivery vans using Chevrolet Bolts, which unfortunately won’t feature Apple CarPlay in future generations.

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