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Enter the Gungeon sells over 1 million copies

Enter the Gungeon has sold over one million copies on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC according to a tweet from the Enter the Gungeon official Twitter account.

The game, which was released in April of last year, is a “bullet hell dungeon crawler” (literally, you fight against bullets) where the character is trying to find “a gun that can kill the past” deep in the Gungeon while fighting against the Gundead. It was developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital, a known indie publisher in the gaming industry.

The game has recent and overall very positive views on its Steam page (it currently has over 10,000 reviews). In most reviews, players state that the rooms are constantly changing, and the enemies can be quite challenging, but with the ability to choose your character (with a mysterious dark past, as per usual) and the various array of guns (there is even a gun that shoots rainbows), this game could possibly be entertaining for anyone who wants to take on the challenge of the Gungeon.

Enter the Gungeon has also received praise from critics, receiving a score of 84 for PC, a score of 84 for Xbox One and a score of 82 for PlayStation 4. The game has also ranked in some of Metacritic’s list, ranking 36 in Best PC Game of 2016, 75 in Most Discussed PC Game of 2016, 51 in Best PS4 Game of 2016, 7 in Best Xbox One Game of 2017, 56 in Most Discussed Xbox One Game of 2017, and finally 56 in Most Shared Xbox One Game of 2017. It has also won several critics awards, including the Editor’s Choice Award from Destructoid in their Best of PAX awards.

A PC review from Arcade Sushi gave the game a score of 90.

In their review, they said “A wonderful, demanding but rewarding, roguelike twin-stick shooter where the visuals connect with the gameplay and the music is getting you pumped to shoot more bullets at bullets. Enter the Gungeon does a good job of explaining its mechanics via tutorial and Ammonomicon, making it great first for anyone looking to get into this burgeoning genre. It doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to table, but what it does bring is extremely well done.” The full review from Arcade Sushi can be found on Arcade Sushi’s website.

In another PC review, The Escapist gave Enter the Gungeon a score of 70, mentioning the difficulty of the game can sometimes hinder the fun.

“Enter the Gungeon is an exhilarating experience, but the difficulty often comes from the game refusing to provide you the necessary tools, which offers its own unique challenges,” said the reviewer. A full review of the game can be found on The Escapist’s website.

Any indie title that hits that amount of units sold in only a little more than a year proves how important indie titles are to the gaming industry as a whole. Many of Enter the Gungeon‘s fans enjoy the extreme difficulty they face while playing the game, but they refuse to give up because gameplay is constantly changing and evolving (it does help that the rooms are randomly generated, since if a player deems one room too hard, they can try and move on).

Enter the Gungeon is currently available on Steam for $14.99 for the regular edition and $22.46 for the collector’s edition (which also includes the soundtrack, a digital comic and an unlockable gun). It will be released for the Nintendo Switch too, at some point.

More information on Enter the Gungeon can be found on the Enter the Gungeon official website, and merchandise for the game (they have cute Gundead plushies!) can be found on the Devolver Digital Store website.

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