Earlier this week, ESEA announced the creation of their own anti-cheat system for LAN competitions.

This new system should clear up any instances when a player looks like they are cheating and reassure the audiences of the players’ honesty.

“With the addition of the anti-cheat client to the existing protocols in place, we are confident that the community can rest assured that players are not cheating at their favorite tournaments, and that all matches are being played on an even playing field,” ESEA stated in their release.

Image courtesy of Michael Gilday/Mashable

The LAN anti-cheat client will be making its debut at the Intel Extreme Masters Oakland as well as its LAN qualifier iBUYPOWER Masters in November. Although ESEA is a subsidiary of major tournament organizer ESL, the client will be usable by any tournament organizers who wish to use it as long as they meet the basic requirements.

“Our goal is to help ensure that Counter-Strike events, regardless of the organizer, can guarantee to be cheat-free,” ESEA added.