It seems as though certain video game characters have amassed a large amount of fans in in different states across the nation. One of the most modern among the list of favorite video game characters is Master Chief, the hero of the Xbox exclusive video game series Halo. Master Chief was ranked number in Utah, Colorado, and Texas.

Old school favorites, Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog both topped charts in seven states each, Mario was ranked number one in Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, South Dakota, and Washington while Sonic was ranked number one in Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio and Wyoming. Tomb Raider’s Laura Croft was tied for second with the 6 states of New York, Illinois, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The most surprising character on the list as well as being the most modern character was Freddy Fazbear from the indie horror video game series that has since taken the video game world by storm, Five Nights at Freddy’s, the terrifying mascot for the fictional pizza chain was the most popular character in Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee and West Virginia. Hero’s weren’t the only characters who became popular video game characters, Mario’s arch-nemesis Bowser proved to be popular in the in 4 states, Indiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Vermont and Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth was the most popular character in California and Oregon.

Video games have become so popular that the University of Utah recently launched a game sports scholarship, becoming the first major sports school to do so and is even going to offer students an undergraduate degree in video games. Co-founder of the Entertainment Arts & Engineering program stated that the degree will help students focus on video games, “We’ve gotten big enough to the point where we can offer our own degree now in games as opposed to a film degree focusing on games or a computer science degree focusing on games.” With video games making large breakthroughs today such as virtual reality, powerful gaming consoles, and the games with incredibly realistic graphics, their popularity will continue to grow more and more each day and the technology will continue to advance and captivate gamers everywhere, allowing us to see of favorite video game characters in ways we’ve never imagined. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Pixaby/GDJ

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