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Figure: Advancing the Future of Humanoid Robotics with Intel’s Support

Photo: Engineered Arts

Welcome to Figure, the pioneering AI Robotics company that is revolutionizing the world of humanoid robots. In this comprehensive article, we explore Figure’s recent achievements and highlight the significant investment made by Intel Capital, a testament to the company’s groundbreaking advancements in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics. With Intel’s support, Figure is poised to accelerate the development of its autonomous humanoid robot, Figure 01, and drive innovation in the industry.

Figure: Building General Purpose Humanoid Robots

Advancing the Boundaries of Innovation

Figure is at the forefront of AI Robotics, specializing in the development of general-purpose humanoid robots. These robots are designed to address labor shortages, tackle undesirable or unsafe jobs, and optimize supply chain operations on a global scale. The company’s vision revolves around enhancing the labor economy through the power of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, Figure aims to shape the future of humanoid development and revolutionize the way the world perceives artificial intelligence.

Intel Capital’s Strategic Investment

Figure recently secured a significant equity investment of $9 million from Intel Capital, further strengthening its financial position. This funding will play a pivotal role in accelerating the development of Figure 1, the company’s autonomous humanoid robot. Additionally, it will support the expansion of Figure’s AI data pipeline for autonomous operations and drive the company towards commercialization. Intel Capital’s investment underscores their recognition of Figure’s potential to revolutionize the labor economy and reshape the future of artificial intelligence. The collaboration between Figure and Intel Capital brings together cutting-edge technology and extensive resources, fostering a shared vision of a better future.

Figure’s Milestones and Achievements

From Concept to First Steps

Photo: FAi

Figure’s remarkable journey began less than a year ago when the company was founded by Brett Adcock, who initially bootstrapped the venture with an impressive $100 million investment. Despite being a young company, Figure has made remarkable progress in a short period of time thanks to its talented engineering team and visionary leadership. The team’s dedication and expertise culminated in Fi1re 01, the company’s autonomous humanoid robot, taking its first steps, a momentous achievement in the world of humanoid robotics.

A Deliberate Approach

Unlike other companies in the field, Figure has adopted a focused approach to its robot’s deployment. Initially, Figure 1 will target industrial warehouse applications, where its capabilities can be harnessed to optimize logistics and enhance efficiency. This strategic choice allows Figure to fine-tune its technology and gain valuable insights from real-world scenarios. By concentrating on industrial use cases, Figure aims to establish a strong foundation before expanding into broader applications.

The Impact of Intel Capital’s Support

Accelerating Development and Commercialization

Photo: Engineered Arts

Intel Capital’s investment in Figure significantly strengthens the company’s balance sheet, providing the necessary resources to expedite the development and commercialization of Figure 1. The collaboration between Figure and Intel Capital enables Figure to tap into Intel’s global resources and expertise, propelling the growth and success of the company. With the support of Intel’s extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, this strategic partnership paves the way for Figure to make significant advancements in humanoid robotics.


Figure’s progress in the field of humanoid robotics, exemplified by the recent investment from Intel Capital, solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the industry. With its focus on developing general-purpose humanoid robots and a deliberate approach to deployment, Figure is set to reshape the labor economy and revolutionize artificial intelligence. By harnessing the power of Intel’s support, Figure is poised to accelerate its development efforts, drive commercialization, and bring us one step closer to a future where humanoid robots play a vital role in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and safety.


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