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FINAL FANTASY XV is coming to mobile

FINAL FANTASY XV will be getting its own remake for mobile systems named FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION, according to an announcement trailer on the FINAL FANTASY XV official YouTube channel.

Here is the description of the game, found in the description box of the trailer:

FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION is an all-new mobile adventure for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices that retells the story of FINAL FANTASY XV like never before.

FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION contains the main characters and main story of the console and newly announced FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION versions, with the freedom to play whenever and wherever you want. Now you can travel through Eos, as you travel through the real world.

With a cute art style that will appeal to mobile and existing players alike and casual touch control optimised for mobile devices, allowing anyone to play with ease. The main story is told across ten thrilling episodes. All ten episodes will be available when FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION releases later this year with the first episode available to download for free.”

And boy, are the characters made to be cute. Even Gladiolus, who is tall, muscular and brooding in FINAL FANTASY XV gets his own chibi-fied makeover. Let’s just say his arms are made to be a little too big for his body.

The like and dislike ratio, though, shows that fans are seemingly unsatisfied with the upcoming mobile title. The announcement trailer has over 2,000 likes and 800 dislikes while the reveal trailer (which I’m pretty sure is the same trailer, just with two different names and descriptions) has over 1,200 likes and over 600 dislikes.

Many of the complaints are about FINAL FANTASY XV itself, with players commenting that Square Enix put their time and effort into this when the main game still feels quite incomplete. Some people even accuse them of “milking the game” since it is, well, a FINAL FANTASY game.

The main game, FINAL FANTASY XV, was originally released on November 29, 2016. The game received a score of 81 for PlayStation 4 and a score of 83 for Xbox One on Metacritic.

One review from TheSixthAxis gave FINAL FANTASY XV a score of 80 for PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy XV is a unique offering, both for the franchise and RPGs in general. Placing the onus on the relationships of your party, rather than the narrative, has meant that this is a game that strikes not just an emotional chord, but a personal one. While Final Fantasy stalwarts will likely balk at the action-heavy combat, the spirit of the franchise remains, and is better served here than it has been in many years,” it says in TheSixthAxis’ review of FINAL FANTASY XV. The full review can be found here.

Another review from gave the game a score of 83 for Xbox One.

“As an open roleplaying world Eos is just in the minor leagues. Beautiful to look at but filled with redundant and basic fetch- and kill-quests, it is too evident, that Square’s open world experience stems from MMOs. Nonetheless, the fresh real-time battle system is a risk that I truly can appreciate, while storytelling and imaginative characters showcase the return of Square’s strengths that have been forgotten during the FF13-trilogy,” said in their review of FINAL FANTASY XV (translated by Metacritic). The full review can be found here.

Although this cute version of FINAL FANTASY XV is coming out with it’s first episode for free, it doesn’t seem to be reeling in the main game’s players due to issues they had with FINAL FANTASY XV.

FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION will be available in Fall 2017.

Featured image via Flickr/BagoGames.

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