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First Details of Cyberpunk: 2077 Revealed

Just days after releasing the first extended cinematic look at the immersive cyberpunk world in 2077, CD Projekt Red have stepped forward to share some information on what exactly their visions were for Cyberpunk 2077. The studio has called the game an “open world, narrative driven role playing game” set in the first person perspective – and only the first person perspective.

Players will communicate and interact with the denizens of Night City – the name of the game’s primary locale – through a traditional dialogue system with very non-traditional, and very real choices and consequences. CD Projekt Red warns players to choose carefully, as their choices in difficult situations have the power to alter and define where the game’s narrative goes.

Some players have expressed concern over the first-person only perspective, questioning Projekt Red’s focus on character creation if a first-person focus means you will barely get to see your character interacting with the world.

But CD Projekt has been quick to take to Twitter, offering this response: “You’ll have many opportunities to see your character. It’s a first person RPG, not an FPS.”

This hints that CyberPunk 2077 will mix in some slower, more character-focused moments in with its action packed blend. Their specific statement against the game being an FPS also hints that players may have more options to take out opponents than the traditional run-and-gun style most common in first person science fiction games. Perhaps the player will be able to take advantage of hacking stealth mechanics to overload or poison a target, as a few background characters were shown being “hacked” or overloaded during the cinematic trailer. Maybe the game will also take steps to improve the viability of melee combat, which could open the door to some cinematic melee finishing moves that briefly switch to First Person, a la The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Or maybe the looks at the character will be more based in the world, with reflective surfaces actually giving a real-time reflection of a player character (A difficult technical feat, but CD Projekt has been known to impress on the technical side) when they walk through certain areas, get a haircut or visit a clothing store.

Regardless of how players choose to deck out their personal avatar, the avatar’s identity remains the same: V, as CD Project Red has called him, is a “hired gun on the rise”, and a newcomer to the violent scene of Night City. Projekt Red boasts that their character creator will give players plenty of options to perfect the customization process, including the ability to choose their character’s sex, appearance, class, and background. But be wary, the last choice may have significant impacts on how your game plays out.

The game has not been given a set release date, nor has any actual gameplay footage been shown so far, so the game will almost certainly not be launching by the end of 2018. A 2019 release date seems more likely, with a great number of other showcased E3 titles also setting their sights on the coming year. Still, we remain hopeful that some form of gameplay or live demo will make its way into the conference, and will keep you updated if any new details drop onto the show floor.

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