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Fitbit launches three new fitness trackers to help you handle stress

Fitbit introduces three fitness trackers

Fitbit has introduced three new fitness trackers, including a new model specifically designed, to manage and monitor stress.

We got a glimpse of the three models when a set of the 3D renders was leaked. We guessed some features of the new watches based on the images, however, the company didn’t reveal the full specs until a virtual press conference on 24 August.

The Fitbit Sense has FDA scanning, which checks the changes in your skin and indicates your stress levels. Using these measurements, you can calculate your stress over time and take steps to control it. This also includes the breathing exercises which you can perform with the help of Sense’s built-in app.

Fitbit Sense

Sense is the first model that features an ECG sensor. It detects the changes in your heart rate and alerts you when your heart rate is quite fast or slow.

Currently, the FDA hasn’t approved the tool. So, we will have to wait for a future update when it becomes available to the users.

There is also an in-built skin temperature sensor, which alerts you to the signs of illnesses, including the respiratory inflections before you notice the symptoms.

Fitbit Sense is available for $381 in lunar white stainless steel and graphite stainless steel. You can preorder it from September 14, 2020, online at select stores.

Fitbit has also introduced a new device called the Fitbit Versa 3. It is a big step up from the previous version with improved voice controls, onboard GPS, and the ability to play music from Deezer or Pandora. Moreover, Spotify users can remotely control their playlists.

Fitbit is available for $272 in black aluminum, soft gold aluminum, and midnight gold aluminum.

Finally, Fitbit has revealed Fitbit Inspire 2. It is a new fitness tracker with a refreshed design and several new features.

The Inspire 2 supports Active Minutes, which ensures that you count your steps each day, and spend sufficient time at heart rates to improve your cardiovascular health. It is a bit complicated but Active Minutes simplifies and breaks things to a manageable goal.

Fitbit Inspire 2 is available in the market for $108 in white, lunar, black and desert rose. Moreover Fitbit Premium is available for $11 per month and $90 per year.

If you are interested in other fitness gadgets, you can check out the Apple Watch here.

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