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Flipboard adds Mastodon support to Android.

Photo: Flipboard

Flipboard integrates Mastodon into its Android app to support the federated social network. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue will also demonstrate the app’s new Mastodon functionality this morning at FediForum, an online event dedicated to discussing the Fediverse’s issues, which includes the popular Twitter alternative Mastodon.

Flipboard joined the Fediverse last month with plans to interface with Mastodon and build its instance, Flipboard. Social, and provide support for ActivityPub, the protocol powering Fediverse apps like Mastodon, which has benefited from Twitter’s upheaval after Elon Musk’s takeover. Flipboard’s Mastodon community has had 500 active members since its launch.

Flipboard also supports Mastodon in its app, allowing users to read a feed of brief updates from individuals they follow, comment to, like, and promote articles, and click on hashtags to follow discussions. In addition, the integration helps Flipboard’s server if its Twitter API access fails. Under Musk, Twitter abruptly revoked API access from several apps and raised prices, making it unaffordable for many developers.

Mastodon integration was iOS-only in Flipboard. Android support started today.

Android users may locate the new functionality by going to the accounts area and entering in using their Mastodon credentials for their instance, much as on iPhone. Users without Mastodon accounts can request access to Flipboard’s server here.

Following its rollout of Mastodon integration, Flipboard added functionality that lets users follow other people, hashtags, or feeds directly from the Flipboard app and added the latest Mastodon posts to Flipboard users’ For You feed. It also allowed users to access their Mastodon bookmarks and @mentions from within its app and add them to the list of followed items on Flipboard.

These features integrate Mastodon with Flipboard. Flipboard can browse and utilize Mastodon, which may be adequate for casual users.

The company’s greater commitment to the federated social network, including participating in decentralization discussions, is as significant. FediForum, where McCue spoke today, is a tiny online “unconference” where ideas are shared. Bluesky, financed by Jack Dorsey, was asked to attend but rejected.

“We believe in Fediverse innovation and growth. When more applications and platforms adopt federated social networks like Mastodon, this ecosystem will become a viable alternative to today’s “walled garden” social media networks, McCue added. Our Mastodon integration shows how ActivityPub can connect services and expand the fediverse.

Flipboard’s Fediverse support follows Medium’s Mastodon network for authors. In addition, Tumblr and Flickr have considered Fediverse integrations and ActivityPub support. This month, Automattic, which also controls Tumblr, bought an ActivityPub plugin for sites to join the fediverse.

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