The Blinkers Bike Lighting System is a must-have for all bikers.  The system is designed to keep any biker who attaches this to their bike as safe as possible.  The lights attach to the front and back of the bike via a magnetic lock.  The functions include blinkers to indicate turning, a brake light, and a laser perimeter function to alert others where you are.  The rear red light comes equipped with an accelerometer that can tell when the bike begins to slow down, thus activating the red light automatically.  As you brake harder, the light shines brighter.  The laser projection helps establish your space and shows other vehicles and bikers where you are.

This invention should honestly be forced to come on all bikes. These are basic safety features that can prevent the large total of bike-related accidents that occur every year.  Something so simple as a turn signal can prevent a car from smashing into the back of a bike and hurling the rider into the air.  The lights are powerful enough to be seen from many yards away, allowing completely safety for night riders.  Like I said, I don’t see why these aren’t mandatory for all bikers yet.

  • Caroline Walker

    Great! It’s very dangerous for bikers everywhere, I hope this helps save some injuries.