The HP 200 Wireless Optical Mouse is a wireless mouse that gives the user the freedom to operate their computer without any wires getting in the way.  The mouse is ambidextrous, so it adapts to the shape of both the left and the right hand.  The shape itself is comfortable and molds to the user’s hand, making it usable for extended periods of time.  This mouse uses a 2.4GHz connection so the wireless strength will be used from longer distances away from the computer its connected to.  All that is required to power this mouse is 2 AAA batteries, and you’re good to go.  There is no software installation that needs to be installed; all you need is a computer and the mouse and some batteries and you’re ready to roll.

The best parts of this mouse are its ability to use both hands and the ability to use it straight out of the package.  Believe it or not, I actually like alternating what hands I use for my mouse, so having the HP 200 Wireless optimized for both hands really makes it convenient and saves me from having to purchase 2 mouses.  It’s also very cheap, at just $11.99 for a long-lasting, reliable mouse, making this a safe purchase for anyone in need of a mouse.