The Kuna – Smart Outdoor Security Light is a smart camera and intercom designed to prevent intruders.  The camera and intercom are built into an outdoor light, so burglars or robbers won’t notice the camera at all.  Whenever the doorbell is rung or there’s a knock at the door, the security lamp will send a notification to your phone.  You can then see who the visitor (or intruder) is by the camera in the lamp.  At this point, you can either set off the alarm itself, speak through the camera to the intruder, or call the police.  Kuma will detect any alert coming from any door in your home.

This is a perfect home invasion prevention invention.  It is secretive, as the machine is disguised as a lamp, yet is sure to prevent any intruder from entering the home.  I like the ability to see who the intruder is at first and not atomically trigger the alarm or notify the police because not all the time will it be a burglar knocking at the door.  The ability to track every door is also a major plus, meaning that nearly the entire home is under lockdown at all times.  Overall, a very solid application and necessary too!

  • Alyssa

    This is such a cool idea and design, great product

  • Sharon Amaro

    I definitely need to invest in this for my home! Super great idea, I hate when intruders cover the cameras

  • Caroline Walker

    Great invention, I hope they install these in new homes as a new safe norm.