The Lenovo Google Assistant Smart Display is the perfect home decor that also doubles as a smart tablet.  This gadget combines Lenovo tech with Google smarts and created a very intuitive useful tablet.  The display comes in either an 8-inch screen or a 10-inch screen.  It has internet capabilities and can give quick notifications, report the news, or tell the user the weather for the rest of the day.  However, that isn’t all.  What sets this tablet apart from other ones on the market is its ability to double as a digital frame by using Google Photos.  This is also customizable, as whatever photo you want appearing is at the user’s discretion.  The backing can either be soft grey or natural bamboo, whatever fits the theme of the room.

This is simply a fantastic product.  It’s ability to double as 2 gadgets in one (a tablet and a digital frame) is more than enough reason to purchase it. While a bit pricey as compared to other tablets ($199.99), the great features and multiple functions more than makes up for the high price tag.