This is a great home decor invention.  The LIFX Mini Color Smart Bulb is a compact light that offers over 16 million different colors to set the illumination to. The lamp itself is connected to an app that can be downloaded to phones, smart watches, tablets, and even smart home devices like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home.  You can literally adjust the light color, how bright the light is, and what light should appear next all with your voice.  You can set the order for what color light should come on next, again either with the app or with your voice.  It is incredibly compact and can be fit over lamps and fixtures to further illuminate a room.

This is a perfect little home decor for any house or apartment.  This is perfect as a present for a new home owner, as it sells for only $44.99.  The customization feature is the best part, as whatever mood I feel is whatever color I can set the lamp to.  This is definitely a great purchase and I would recommend anyone on the fence of buying this product to just purchase it!