The Lockitron Bolt Keyless Door Lock is a genius home-locking system that operates via an app that grants you and others access to enter your home.  The design is a deadbolt-style smart lock with a bridge too.  There is no key involved so you can never lose them!  The lock works like this:  You download an app for iOS or Android (depending on what phone you have), set a password, and when that password is typed in, the door will be unlocked.  The user can add members to the Lockitron if there are others who will be accessing the house.  But the user can also take away others from accessing the password just as easy as granting it.  It is perfect for granting entry to your home regardless of your location.

This invention is genius. It provides state-of-the-art safety, as well as eliminates the need for a key, which prevents anyone from ever losing it. The ability to grant others access to the lock makes it very convenient for babysitters, friends, family, or anyone who will need access to the home.  This is the perfect combination of safety and efficiency that homes should begin to gravitate towards.

  • Maya Asregadoo

    After finishing this article, I thought that I would probably be hesitant to download this app, due to the fact that I thought that my phone could easily be stolen and hacked. But I suppose that’s about as likely as my house key being stolen! So, I actually think that this app could be very helpful and convenient.