This is the Progetti Nido Table Cuckoo Clock.  It doubles as both an alarm clock and also a regular house clock.  The features are what makes this clock worth the large price tag.  First, the top of the clock is angled downward, giving the impression that the base is a tree being cut down.  The angle also provides easy access to the analog time.  On the side of the clock is a small branch with a copper leaf on top of it.  Now, when the clock strikes the hour mark, a small cuckoo pops out from a small hole in the middle of the clock.  The design is brilliant because it is light-sensitive, which means it turns off when the clock senses darkness and will not go of during night hours.  The entire clock is handmade from wood, and is available in either white or black.

This clock is very creative, and its simple design gives it a slick, sharp look.  The light sensor is an ingenious addition to a beautifully-designed creation.  The only problem is the face is devoid of any numbers and only uses hands and relative position to tell the time, so it may not be the most accurate.  But besides that, the look is sure to spice up and office or house it is in!

  • Sharon Amaro

    I really like the design, seems nice for a bedside table

  • Caroline Walker

    Cute, I would like this in my room