The T-Goal Wearable Soccer Data Tracker is the ultimate device for improving your skills as a soccer player.  This sleeve fits over your wrist, calf, or shirt, so wherever it is most comfortable and convenient is where you can put it.  The light, thin design makes it so that you can wear it under shinguards and socks, or under a long sleeve shirt.  The actual usage is quite simply: you just strap on the sleeve, download the app, and begin playing.  After a match or training session, the app will tell you an overall analysis of your performance, including areas to improve upon.  You can compare your stats and analysis to other players too in order to figure out what they’re doing that you’re not.  The tracker will also tell you if you are overworking during training or a game.  Finally, it comes equipped with a step-tracker, as well as counts calories and distance walked/run.

This invention is brilliant and a must-have for any soccer player.  The ability to have a sleeve dictate what you need to improve on is very efficient and easy to do. All you need to do is literally put the tracker on and play, and at the end of the training session, all you do is check the app.  It could not be easier.  If you’re looking to improve your soccer game without spending the money for a personal trainer, the T-Goal Wearable Soccer Data Tracker is the perfect solution.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Great work, as always, Matt!