When your device starts at a thousand dollars in price, you know it better deliver. And while the Galaxy Note 9 still makes some improvements and some pretty creative ones at that, its price ultimately overshadows any sort of progress it achieves.

The device is $1,000 in the US for the 128GB version and $1,250 for the 512GB version. There are some perks to buying the Note 9. the new S pen is ambitious and lives up to expectations, as it can remotely control your phone camera, your music player, your laptop and other devices through Bluetooth. You could operate until 7 connected devices within a 30 feet ratio, with taps and double taps that become customized for each app.

The device also has a substantial increase in battery life and storage. 512GB is quite something to behold, but yet again, something many customers couldn’t justify buying. It’s also somewhat disappointing that the device uses the same hardware setup than the Galaxy S9 Plus.

However, there is a difference that might be appealing for lovers of photos, as its camera has been integrated with an AI that can identify what you’re taking a photo of and set ideal white balance for it. The device will also advise you to retake a picture if there were any problems during the shot, whether people blinking or smudged lenses.

There have been some improvements from the Note 8, mainly the features noted above. Nevertheless, this device is being advertised as the best that Samsung can bring and, as impressive as it is, it doesn’t entirely live up to that expectation. This is especially noticeable when considering how much they are willing to charge you for it. I wouldn’t blame this on Samsung though: there has been a growing trend of smartphones and devices becoming every time more expensive and elitist. Therefore, when you have a device that delivers in so many fields like the Note 9, it makes sense to charge a lot for it. I would actually recommend this device if someone were able to afford it, it’s definitely a treat for people who own many devices and have to work with all of them constantly. However, if you’re unable to purchase it, I don’t think you’re missing out too much.

Featured image via Digital Trends

  • Maya Asregadoo

    Although this phone does a lot, it doesn’t seem to be worth such a large price tag.

  • Caroline Walker

    Geez, that’s steep… You could buy almost 400 bags of Swedish Fish for that. I know where my priorities are.