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Gameplay Details Revealed for Crystal Dynamic’s Avengers Video Game

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While we’ve known for a while that there is a new Avengers video game being created by Crystal Dynamics, the details surrounding the project have remained a bit of a mystery, until now. Even the title has been kept secret, and the video game has since been called The Avengers Project. Lucky for us, some new details have recently been released on the Crystal Dynamics website.

On September 5th, IGN discovered that there were two job listings posted on the Crystal Dynamics website for an “Experienced Combat Designer” and a “Lead Level Designer.” The job descriptions revealed some details about the upcoming Avengers title.

The “Lead Level Designer” job listing called for a specialist who could fabricate “fun and unique online experiences,” as well as understand “the social implications of shared gameplay” and “various game modes and campaigns.” The “Experienced Combat Designer” listing requires a designer who can “plan, prototype, and build combat systems that directly apply to a 3rd person cover based action adventure game.”

Based off of the job descriptions, The Avengers Project is set to be a third-person, action adventure video game that will be played online in a “shared” and “social” format. The online game even has the possibility of being an MMO, but not much else has been confirmed besides the fact that it will be an online game.

An online format does seem appropriate for an Avengers game as well since many of the Marvel games in the past have focused heavily on online gameplay. Although, many of the fans may be disappointed by this news, especially since many were counting on a single-player mode since the game is mainly story-based. The Avengers themselves don’t work alone, so it makes sense that it wouldn’t be any different for the gamers.

The strangest bit of news about The Avengers Project is that it will include a cover system. Cover systems are normally found in shooter games, such as Mass Effect and Uncharted when it is necessary to stay low and out of sight of the line of fire.

While a cover system may seem like an odd choice for an Avengers video game, it may benefit characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye, who unlike their fellow Avengers, aren’t Norse gods or super-soldiers, and therefore need to avoid every opportunity of being shot.

The Avengers Project was officially announced in January and claims to have a “completely original story” featuring Marvel’s merry band of misfits. The announcement was accompanied by a teaser trailer which briefly shows images of Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer Mjolnir amongst rubble, and included a voiceover that stated the heroes of the world needed to “reassemble.”

However, The Avengers Project isn’t the only Marvel game in the works. Beginning with The Avengers Project, Square Enix, the creators of popular games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom of Hearts, will be teaming up with Marvel to embark on a “multi-year, multi-game” enterprise. Apart from the Avengers game, Marvel is also releasing Spider-Man, the latest video game for the web-spinners franchise, on June 30th, 2018 for Playstation 4. There is currently no official release date available yet for The Avengers Project.



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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.