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Graysky, a third-party client for X rival Bluesky, gets Trending Topics and a ‘Pro’ subscription

Image Credits: Graysky
Image Credits: Graysky

Graysky is one of the first third-party applications for Bluesky, which is a rival to Twitter and X. With its most recent update, Graysky is introducing a subscription service as a method of making cash for its app by providing paid access to capabilities that Bluesky itself does not currently support. This initial version will allow users to customize the app with a chosen theme and translate articles using DeepL rather than Google Translate.

Additionally, users will have the ability to customize the app. Custom app icons, support for polls, and post analytics that will track your likes, posts, and other engagement data are some additional features that will soon be available for those who have upgraded to the pro level. In the meantime, the app has received a more comprehensive upgrade that includes numerous new features. One of these features is Trending Topics, which allows users to view what is currently trending on Bluesky.

Graysky created headlines by becoming the first cross-platform third-party app that reached users directly on both iOS and Android. This contrasts with the fact that many developers are already experimenting with the Bluesky API to build services that enhance the capabilities of Bluesky’s platform. (An application known as Seiun was accessible to users of Android devices before Graysky, but it was not accessible to users of iPhones.).

Instead of giving you a pre-set home timeline, Graysky, which debuted in October, gives you an interface that lets you choose the feed you want to look at first. Additionally, Bluesky users have various personalized feeds, a type of Algerian algorithmic option on other microblogging platforms such as Instagram Threads and X.

Furthermore, Graysky has offered a searchable interface that allows users to locate individuals, posts, or feeds. Additionally, it has created a method that allows users to view the likes of everyone, not just their own, which is also comparable to Twitter/X. The app’s development team has been working hard to go ahead with the official Bluesky app by adding support for elements that Bluesky did not have, such as GIFs. Additionally, the team has said they intend to add other features similar to those found on Twitter, such as drafts, bookmarks, muted words, polls, lists, and more, in subsequent editions.

Some of these capabilities, such as support for polls, are now available with the Pro membership. At the same time, the app update incorporates several new features available to all users, regardless of whether they are paying.

This contains a post composer screen that has been redesigned to be more efficient and to allow you to choose the language of the post; a “Trending Topics” area that allows you to view specific topics that are currently trending on Bluesky; support for Quick Actions like compose, search, or open settings; support for opening links in Graysky directly from Safari on iOS; improved user suggestions; support for a “joined date” on user profiles; the ability to rotate Graysky on Android tablets; new pull-to-refresh animations; and other performance improvements.

It is the “Trending Topics” area, which can be accessed through the search tab of the app, that stands out as the most notable feature since it gives the impression that the world of Bluesky is more similar to Twitter or X. (It also represents the community that has emerged there, taking into consideration that hashtags such as #furry and #nsfw are among the subjects that are hot at the moment.).

A Graysky Pro membership is available as an optional add-on that provides more functionality and helps fund the app’s ongoing development. It may be purchased for a monthly fee of $4.99 or an annual fee of $49.99.

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