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How to Watch the HBO’s hit TV series Westworld Online?

Westworld Season 3

The hosts and humans are converging more than ever in the HBO hit TV series Westworld. Things are looking quite confusing throughout season 3.  

Westworld season 3 has moved back into the amazing world of the fateful theme park. Moreover, there will be a total of eight episodes, unlike the ten episodes that we are used to.  

We know that you don’t want to miss a single piece of the puzzle, so continue reading to find out how to watch Westworld online, with a live stream from anywhere in the world.  

If you are accessing the Westworld stream from outside the country, you will have difficulty getting past the geo-blocking restrictions. You can’t access HBO and Sky Atlantic from outside the US, however, you can watch Westworld quickly and easily by installing a VPN.  

A VPN is Virtual Private Network that blocks some sites for your safety. However, changing your IP address to a separate country will unblock all the sites. Our top pick is ExpressVPN. With this, you can easily connect to new locations and watch from several devices, from game consoles to Android mobiles. Moreover, Express is giving a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also check out our list of the top VPN services in 2019.


How to Watch in the US:  

The best way to watch Westworld in the U.S. is through HBO’s streaming services. If you are using HBO for a cable subscription, you will be able to watch episodes as they become available.  

You can also sign up to HBO Now for just $15 a month and watch the whole season. However, if you don’t want to sign up for HBO Now, there are several other options, which include Hulu and Amazon Prime.

How to Watch in the UK:   

Westworld will broadcast on Sky Atlantic in the UK. So, you can watch it all using a Now TV subscription. You can get the Now TV Entertainment Pass for just $6.85 per month. This makes around $39.84 for four to six months.   

However, if you aren’t in the UK and you still want to watch Westworld through Sky, then you can use the VPN mentioned above.   

How to Watch in Canada:   

Carve is your leading source for several Showtime and HBO series’ in Canada. The membership is around CAD 19.98 per month. Moreover, you can get an extra week if you are a new member.   

How to Watch in Australia:   

Foxtel has the broadcast rights to Westworld in Australia. This means that you can watch the whole season 3 as it unfolds. You can also watch Westworld online through the basic Foxtel subscription for AU$49 per month. However, if you are looking for a full Netflix membership, you have to pay $99 a month.   

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