London Indie-folk band Daughter released their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Not to Disappear, and now the band has announced that they are partnering up with Square Enix on a new project, creating music for the upcoming episodic video game Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the highly anticipated prequel for the popular Life is Strange.

The music has been dubbed Music Before the Storm and is set to release September 1st through Glassnote Records and will be the band’s first-ever soundtrack. The soundtrack will have 13 songs and will include the song “Burn It Down,” a special track that sets the tone for the video game and shows Daughter integrating electronic based music into their usual rock-infused music.

Lead singer Elena Tora expressed how happy he and his band are to be working on this project,  “We are so proud to have written the soundtrack for Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, it was our first experience working on an original soundtrack, and we are so honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with the team.” Tonra went on to say how much he loved the female leads and their personalities that were “emotional, intelligent, sensitive and badass in equal measure,” Tonra goes on to say that Max and Chloe (the two main characters in the first game) were big inspirations to the soundtracks.

Igor Haefeli, one of the band members, stated how much fun the band had working on the music for the game, “We wanted to have fun with this project so we made something we felt could be a soundtrack for the characters in the game themselves. It was also important for us to make sure this collection of songs and pieces of music stood on their own so we really went that extra mile. We hope players and non-players alike will equally enjoy it.” Life is Strange: Before the Storm will release its first three episodes on August 31st on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, be sure to play to find out exactly what happened before the storm in Arcadia Bay in the first game. Happy gaming!

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